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There was a recent increase in the cost of transportation at the University of Ilorin. The commercial transporters insisted the price must go up. In addition to our economy being bad we all know that money is not easy to come by today. The increment in the cost of transportation is definitely not helping the students at all. Students who are struggling to feed and mange the little allowances received from their parents now have to develop schemes to survive. Increasing the cost of transportation has detrimental effects on the students. Students whose parents are not well to do now have to struggle more just to be able to make sure that their child goes to school and by so doing bring about monetary stress on such parents.

Now students have to start to look for extra money which is not easy to come by, just to pay for the ride to and from school. Just last week, a fellow student had to beg ten naira from me so as to be able to board a vehicle. Also, increasing the cost of transportation reduces the purchasing power of the student who can barely fend for themselves because they now have to prioritize being able to pay for their transport to buying snacks.

Furthermore, the increase in the cost of transportation has led to increase in both physical and emotional stress because even when the cost of transportation was at fifty naira we as students still had to struggle for cab and “korope”. Some students spend extra hours in school before being able to get home. Such students will be tired from all the work and would not even think of reading or studying the day’s work and this will at the end of the day affect the academic performance of the students. Although, steps have been taken to see to resolving the issue but nothing has been approved yet and the students just keep being exploited.

The motorists are also trying to make ends meet but they should seek other ways of doing so rather than using the students as bait. In fact, the increase in the cost of transportation affects we students socially. This is because fights and quarrels usually and often erupt between students and the drivers because some disageeable students who choose not to oblige to paying the extra fee raise pandemonium. Recently, a 400 level student stood his ground and said he wasn’t going to pay and the driver said otherwise and this soon evolved into a very big fight in which people had to interfere. My desire is for the cost of transportation to reduce to the barest minimum so as to help the students financially and reduce the stress.

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