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It’s no news that there are thousands of Nigerians students who graduate every year and end up on the streets, searching for jobs in every corner and then we have other students who are already employers even before their graduation..how you may ask? That brings us to the main discussion for today and that is entrepreneurship , these students who employ their pairs even while they are still studying do not joke with skills they can do with their hands, they acquire certain skills which we will be discussing below,work on them and make profits.

I’m sure you have heard of people who built houses and bought cars from cake baking, bead making, bag making and so on and it’s amazing to know that not much capital are needed to produce such products but with determination, you will surely make some cool cash. Now, universities have tried to provide solutions to jobless graduates by going beyond the classroom to teach their students certain skills that can make them entrepreneurs.Today, we will be looking at the university of Ilorin, Kwara state, they have successfully set up a centre for their students to acquire skills, some of which are: bee keeping, hair dressing, music, interior decoration, photography and so on.Go with me as I go deeper into these amazing skills

1. Bee keeping:

Also called apiculture is a branch of agriculture and it is the keeping or rearing of bees for commercial purposes,beekeeping can be a fun and profitable hobby or business venture, and it is fairly affordable to start up.But do not forget to learn the basics,read more on this, to get proper information on how to start up the business such as the capital you need,protective gears( you know how bees can get all stingy stingy) and so on..Goodluck with this

2. Hair dressing:

This is the washing, styling and cutting of hair.There practically no one that does not patronize the salon, making salon business good business and because everyone loves looking good it sends a positive signal as to how lucrative it is to venture into the business of salon.
The major advantage of this business over most other businesses is that it can be started anywhere, be it in your living room, at the corner of your compound or even a small rented space

3. Music:

Music they say is life an today we hear of all these musicians who just perform for few minutes and then leave with millions, music composers are also not left out and all these depends in talent..when you see yourself going towards the music industry,don’t bury the talent rather develop it; there are lots of music labels that might see your little efforts and sign you up at a go
Music is as important as others, we also have instrumentation I.e playing the instruments such as guitar, keyboard, drums and so on and a lot of people feed from this.

4. Interior decoration:

Interior decorating refers to the art and science of making an interior space more aesthetically pleasing and functionally useful for its inhabitants. This is also lucrative, as humans love taste and so interior decorators are always sought for in office designs, home designs, even events such weddings, birthdays and so on, developing this is also important as one has to pay attention to details such as quality of materials, colour and so on and you can further develop this skill by going for courses and programs that are accredited by interior decorators international (IDI) and other recognized bodies.

5. Photography:

This is a very interesting and fun skill people consider as a hobby, so imaging earning from something you love doing( cool right?). There are also different types of photography, land scape this suits people who love travelling which rhymes with documentation and blogging, portrait photography,fashion photography, event photography for birthdays , corporate events, weddings and so on and many other types of photography. Being a beginner, you can explore most of these types but it’s best to specialize in a particular one to make it more easier. Some might consider photography expensive but if you can’t get a camera at the moment,you can start with a good android phone and keep on improving on yourself.

There are so many other crafts such tie and dye, bead making and so on that are well appreciated and lucrative, you can research to get the one that suits you and start climbing you way to an amazing career.And remember, always be good at what you do.

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