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Sport includes games and activities. Some are competitive while others are for leisure. The games are played based on rules and customs with regulations. Sports includes basketball, cricket, hockey, golf, football, motor sports, baseball and others. Writing on football (soccer). Football is a sport played by both male and female. It is a sport played by 11 players on a team and 11 on the other team playing together with a referee who controls the game. The two team try to play the ball into the opponent goal net . Winning of the game is by the numbers of goals scored before the end of 90 minutes. If the match ends goalless after the normal 90 minutes then they go into extra time and then penalty.
The game started in the mid 18th century, and till date it remains the most prestigious and popular game worldwide. The game is played by 10 fielded players and a goalkeeper. The game is played using all part of the body except the hand, this is when the ball is still on the pitch. When the ball is outside the pitch the players can then use their hands, the goalkeeper is the only one with the privilege of holding the ball during play and this is restricted to the box 18 which is 18 cm, if he hands the ball outside the 18 cm box then it is a foul. If a defender pushes down his opponent in the 18 cm box it us a penalty conceded by the defender.The length of the pitch is 90 cm by the length and 30 cm by the breadth measurement. 2 linesman control the side line of the field. They blow whistle when a player is offside. A player off sides when he remains at the back of the opponent defender when the ball is played to him.
A player fouls when he/she is offside, touches the ball, does a wrong tackling, and others. A player is carded if he/she does any wrong doings which he can be even sent out of the field, the cards in football are yellow and red. The yellow card is for warning of players and after receiving the card he committed another foul again that is a red card. The body responsible for controlling football worldwide is FIFA which is Federation of International Football Association. The body controls the game worldwide. Each countries have the body governing the issues of football. Competition held in football includes World Cup which is held every 4 years, the cup started as far back as 1930 won by Uruguay.
Countries from different continents play qualifiers before the are given a spot in the groups, 8 groups are formed with 4 different countries. The recent winner of the cup is France. Popular competitions in football also includes European champions league, CAF champions League in the Africa continent. There are leagues match also played in different countries examples are EPL, LA Liga, seria a, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and others. Popular football teams include Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, man United, man city, arsenal, Liverpool, Juventus, Ac Milan, inter Milan, Bayern Munich and others. Popular football players include Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney, Lampard, Drogba and others. Awards are given annually to players based on votes by iconic individuals, awards like World best player which was won by van dijk this year and balon d or which Messi won also. Popular managers of the game include Mourinho, pep, Ferguson, Klopp and others.


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