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By Jacob Olorunishomo Cajetan

Originally the word blog came from“weblog” or a “web log”. It can better be viewed or thought as an online journal or diary, although blogs are used for so much more now, like online journalism, marketing, online store and even rendering of services. A blogger is a person who blogs or writes content or articles for a blog. Blogging is the act of writing a post for a blog. A blogger according to google’s definition is someone who shares, writes and pastes content or knowledge online/on the Internet. Since I was a young star, I have been intrigued with information sharing especially new knowledge research and distribution.

Online journalism is a very sensitive aspect to our existence as humans, since the world is now a global village and I felt as a person blogging is key to making an impart to our development and mutual understanding of each other across the globe. It could sometimes be a means of passing messages’ across or spread of information. Writing is an hobby to me and the thought of getting my write-ups read is fascinating. To be precise, sport and politics is an aspect that I would like to focus on as a blogger. Reading other people write-ups and the comments from other readers has brought me to a conclusion that a lot of people especially in Nigeria here are less informed about the content of discourse most times, am not disproving there are some experts among the populace but a lot are ignorant of the topic and they don’t bother to do proper research, which has led to the spread to false information. As an aspiring blogger, tackling of false information is a motivation to my intent .

Blogging with persistence and diligence tends to be a high monetary and rewarding job in this era or generation with the net worth or person like Linda Ikeji and other solid examples. With the economic situation of the country a legitimate side job or “hustle” is necessary to survive the harsh economic situation. This has served as a motivation to me to make it as an article blogger. The fact that sharing of an informed opinion of mine can be financially rewarding make the aspiration worth it.

Blogging with right intent is a noble profession which is informative and it is core to the spread of information and knowledge to the society. This has formed a base to my perspective as an aspiring blogger. Although there are negative and positive to it. If done the right way, it can serve as an instrument of change to the global community in which I would like to be the voice of change change. Not the spread of fake news. Personally I would likely to become an article blog writer to develop and learn new transferable skill to develop my professional life. Since blog are read by many people around the world, I believe I can impart the life of others, get new opportunity and develop my confidence level by sharing important issue with the rest of the world. It would enable me to be expose to different aspect of culture through various review by others and critics of different perspectives. It would help me to develop my professional habit and discipline become more of an organize thinker.

I would like to create a personal content which would be inscribed only to me. Person like Linda Ikeji who is an household name in Nigerian blogger’s circle is a source of inspiration to me, she is world wide known ,her fame and influence has a long reach which is admirable by every upcoming youth. As a youth with the benefit of little hindsight and some foresight, all put together and making perfect judgement. I believe that blogging, if done with right ethics is a great and noble profession.

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