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The habit of migrating from one country to another is known to be very rampant among the inhabitants of developing countries. In this write up, I will be supporting the idea of people travelling to other countries with concise reasons in the subsequent paragraphs. Change in the system of living is the main reason why people tend to migrate to other countries. The believe that things will surely turn out well with respect of change to a better environment. People relocate to get a greener pastures. It is often difficult as many migrants say, to survive in the countries of their origins.

They find the cost of living high and tend to spend more than their income due to inflation and lack of their governments interest in the well being of their citizens. They are often treated better where they migrate to and job opportunities are usually easier to find in various areas of life in advanced countries.  The environmental situation of several countries has come to be very alarming. The absence of clean water and various commodities has been a reason for the high rate of migration.

Bad environmental conditions affects the health of the citizenry. Due to bad environmental conditions, various sicknesses have been transmitted rapidly. We hear of the spread of SARS, typhoid and tuberculosis through contaminated air and droplets. Generally, environment with impure conditions cause a lot of sicknesses and diseases. We recall the outbreak of Ebola which caused a lot of death and made a lot of people to migrate from their environment.

It is no news about the overwhelming increase in insecurity in various countries of the world. Insecurity remains the major reason for migration today. Everyone wants to survive. No one wants to die, eb=ven though all want to get to heaven! We see a lot of people migrating from Syria today due to ISIS (a major terrorist group) fightings. We heard about the war involving the people of Mayanmar which caused a lot of them to flee from their homes and country to seek refuge at other safe countries. Even within a country we see people migrating from various states to others, For example, we have a lot of people who have left Boko haram ridden Borno State and gone to other states to start a new life there.

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