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The problem of bad roads in Nigeria has become an embarrassing stigma. Practically every state in Nigeria has bad such roads. This is including our very own Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Vehicle owners now have to visit the mechanics workshop almost every week. This has made some of them to abandon their vehicles for months due to fear of unnecessary spending at the workshops. The Lagos-Ibadan expressway, one of the major Federal Government roads in Nigeria has been identified as one of the routes with a very high record of road crashes and this is due to the bad road situation. It is even known to have been under construction for years now but still its under construction with no real difference.
It is common for thieves, rapists and other miscreants to see the bad roads as opportunity to carry out their evil deeds as the drivers would have no choice than to slow down or come to a halt when approaching such potholes. We have about 120,546 miles network of roads in Nigeria and an average death toll of about 3,287 per day. Generally, we have nearly 1.2 million deaths recorded per year all caused by road accidents. The problem of bad roads faced by Nigerians is not only the government’s fault as mismanagement of the roads is one of the major causes of road deterioration and bad roads. The masses are the major commuters and some of them are not patient enough when driving. They don’t follow road signs and they drive carelessly.
The bad roads has caused different problems for the people. Prices of some foodstuffs had been hiked as the road is the link-way they have to reach the consumers and once the roads are bad, the sellers are prone to different problems like accidents, the transport vehicles developing faults, etc.
Another problem caused by the bad roads is the commercial transporters hiking the transport fare for fear of their vehicles developing faults and the miscreants attacking them on the roads. At this rate, if lasting solutions are not found to the problem, the nation is at the risk of having an increased death toll in the country. The problem not only needs to be solved by the government but also the masses. They should learn to use the roads properly, follow all road signs as they are the most affected by it.

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