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There has been a lot about the marriage of many Nollywood stars today. As have heard of successful marriages of many actors and actresses of Nollywood, the same way is how we have heard so many things about actors and actresses whose marriages didn’t last.

We can’t talk of Nollywood stars with successful marriage without talking about the couple of Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva. Apart from the fact that the couple are colleagues in the Nollywood industry, they have been married for about good 30 years and have been the oldest and strong couple from the Nollywood. No rumor has ever been heard that they had misunderstanding or break up or any form of misunderstanding down to the public hearing. They have served as good examples for other Nollywood stars.

It got really funny and surprising to everybody about the wedding of Banky W and Adesua Etomi, which that was done in 2017. A particular Nollywood movie, “The wedding party” was shot, and therein the movie, these two people had to act the role of husband and wife. It was after the film that they got married and became couple. It was surprising as no one ever thought that the movie they were acting was only like a rehearsal of how they wanted to live the rest of their lives together.
It is not an easy task to keep a marriage, even though it seems very easy to just call the name ‘marriage’ or the words ‘married couple’. It is important to always hail the successful couple we ever see. It was a great shock and no one could believe that Actress Funke Akindele’s marriage with Alhaji Almaroof would only last for almost a year, even though the marriage was an elaborate one which was as expected of a celebrity as such. She decided to continue her life and we have not heard anything from her about remarrying. She has continue to go about her lovely lifestyle in the career she has chosen, and she has been booming big ever since.

I would not like to say and not mention this Yoruba Actress, “Fathia Balogun. She has once said that she thinks that marriage luck is not on her side as everyone was asking her why her first marriage and even her second marriage didn’t last. Her marriage with Saheed Balogun was a wide wedding and a talk of the town. But it was only harmonious until they had issues and the marriage had to crash, even to the extent that the similarity in the last name, which was the surname, also later became a great issue. She even had to say in one of her interviews about her failed marriage, that it was a rumour that she was back with her ex-husband, Saheed Balogun. She said it’s a rumor and that there’s nothing like that; only that they say hi to themselves once in a while.

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