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Contributed by Gbenga Akindele

A lady asked a bestselling author how he she too can become bestselling because she writes better than him. She knew the basics and complexities of writing and can tell him in details even the mistakes he made in his own book. He told her to take a course in marketing but she refused and even got angry. He knew how to sell while she knew how to write. The person am referring to was the author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. What a title for a book! Becoming a bestseller starts from the title of your book. Give your book a title that will make people think twice and even discourse. By so doing, the title itself is an advert. The book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” got so much free publicity in terms of asking Robert Kiyosaki what he meant by “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. One of the chapters in the book was titled “How to sponsor yourself through college for a small fee” (Not verbatim). So, the first thing to becoming a bestselling author is the title of your book.

Another thing to do to become a bestselling author is to take a selling or marketing course. There are some of such classes online. You can devote some time and some money to get that done within the shortest time possible. Knowledge is power. Knowledge helps in all that we do.

The next step is to organize free seminars where you or other speakers speak on topical issues. These seminars or workshops should be planned for public holiday periods in Nigeria like January 1, May 1 or any such popular workers holidays. During such seminars make sure your books are displayed. As the seminar progresses you can take some ten minutes to talk about the benefits of your books to your listeners. You can bring down the cost of the book by 50% for that day only. Or for 24 hours for the benefit of those who do not have cash on them. Some can take advantage of that and get your books at the 50% to be resold at 100% later.

In addition to these, you can make your book available in audio CD. I love audio CD today. I do not really sit to read like I used to do before. Audio CD constitute part of what is referred to as “knowledge in motion”. So, for those who have cars you can read books even as you drive by listening to the audio. The benefit is even that you can listen over and over again. Some smart students use this technology today, they download audio or video materials relevant to them and read it in motion using earphone. So, these your book audio CD’s can be marketed together with the books. Or better still it can put as a bonus attached to the book.

Together with the above mentioned, to be a bestselling author you should try to speak about your book and related matters for five minutes daily on a local radio station that people listen to. You need the mass media to pass your message. During this radio program you speak on topical issues that captures people’s interest. You inform your listeners of your upcoming programs and other adverts that you have. You market your books.

Be a man or woman of integrity. Let your word be your bond. People will patronize you and from becoming a bestselling author you can help them sell other products that they have. For instance, a house deal or land deal or car deal or other such deals can come your way. You tell your listeners on radio about it and since they know you and your books, they hook up straight away.

You should also have an office where people can meet with you. Such offices should be in a busy, known and popular place that as easily accessible. Don’t take your office to a place where people can’t access or that is not accessible. It may be expensive but get it in a good place and make it befitting. At least, the people transacting business with you know where to go to track you.

What am talking about is what am doing with this blog sometimes. I provide information that make people come around and when I have some things to sell. I also let people know. For example, am a writer. I can help you with your autobiography or any other such writings for a fee. I can help you arrange your seminars and tell you where to place the adverts to get the best results. I can link you up with those who can train you on forex training. I can mentor you to do your postgraduate studies abroad (if you have a good Bachelor’s degree, especially in the sciences). These and many more are the things that I do to help people. Give me a call lets get talking business. Talk to you soon.




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