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Marriage! What is marriage? Marriage is the union of two people who have both chosen to be together. The couple share their lives together but not only their lives, as they also share responsibilities. Interestingly the way responsibilities are shared between both parties is not only decided by them alone. As a matter of fact it is largely influenced by culture, traditions and beliefs. These three factors tend to differ from race to race. For instance the culture in the middle East is not the same as in the Western part of the world. Hence, the expectations of both couples by various societies varies.

As a case study, we will take a look at two of the most populated nations in the world, India and Nigeria. In India the responsibility of the husband is to provide for the need of the family. Him being the source of survival empowers him and what he says concerning any issue regarding the family is final. He is accorded so much authority by tradition to even determine the way and manner his wife relates to the rest of the world. While the wife’s responsibility is to be subservient and absolutely loyal to her husband and do his bidding. She is responsible for home keeping and the use of resources provided by her husband to nurture the children, herself and her husband. Society’s primary expectations of her is to be a good wife by all means.

In Nigeria, although there are diverse cultures having influence on the responsibilities of couples but the overarching responsibility that is predominant is not far fetched from that of Indians but not exactly the same. The husband in a Nigerian marriage is the breadwinner and the major provider. He leads the family and wield most of the authority but gives in to opinions from his wife as his help. The Nigerian husband is responsible for instilling discipline in his wards so also is his wife. The wife is responsible for home keeping and taking care of the children. Unlike in India the Nigerian wife usually finds a means of supporting her husband in providing for the needs of the family. She cooks for the family unless they can afford a maid.

The major characteristics that distinguishes the Indian marriage responsibilities from the Nigerian marriage responsibilities is the fact that the Indian wife is trained in such a way that her life’s purpose after marriage is to be loyal and function as a wife with little contribution to the finances of the family.

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