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Life on campus is different for everyone. A Student ‘s life on University campus is centred around going to classes and studying and coming in contact with people you may be used to or not Living in campus away from their family requires students to be independent and some students need quite some time to get used to their new environment. One of the main advantages of being on campus is the chance to meet people from all over the country. The variety of cultures shows off a unique student community because students get exposed to lots of different things – good and bad. Students have more opportunities to widen their social circle because there are activities for almost anything you are interested in. students are allowed to meet like-minded people. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and make lifelong connections.

Being on campus is most people’s first experience meeting some different type of people in one place. It comes with both benefits and challenges like getting along with people, you also run the risk of meeting someone you find challenging or don’t relate to right away. This should teach students patience.

You have to make your preferences known from the start so you and everyone you come in contact with are clear on what to do to avoid conflict. You need to set up your space and define when you need quiet time to study and which of your possessions you can share. So, if you do find yourself in disagreement with anyone, you have to negotiate a solution that works for both of you. Being direct in communicating how you feel will help you in good times and bad. You can’t expect everyone you meet to be a mind reader, so if you get upset or frustrated, communication is the best way to resolve differences. Talk in a respectful manner and carefully choose your words. Good communication gets better reception and a better response than if you just attack or criticize. Good communication helps a lot during everyday interactions. A little compliment and interest can go a long way.

You need to compromise when dealing with other people, compromise is key. Compromising does not mean saying yes to all of someone’s requests; it means reaching an agreement. You have to stay connected with others. You are on campus to learn, enjoy yourself and become the person you want to be. So, you have to study hard to be successful in the outside world. Most importantly you have to utilize basic tactics that can keep you safe: Always lock your door. You should not let anyone you don’t know into your space. Never give your key out to anyone. You should walk with a friend or in groups during nighttime hours.

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