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Written by Lawal Divinefavour

For long, we have just one emissary fighting the ills and propagators of moral decadence in the society. For years it was a matter of cat and rat race. While the rats thought that they could kept eating and stealing the populace future, the cat always pose a menacing presence that he is forever up to the task of defending the public. This act worthy of praise, FELA does faithfully by his music piercing through the ears and nose of the rats family. It was indeed a period whereby the masses were ambassadors of poverty, and there seems to be no hope from the unfaithful armed robbers. Thus the presence of FELA always do put a smile of hope on the face of the people. No wonder decades after his departure, everyone kept missing the legendary afro pop artist. But the world will soon rejoice again, if only there can be another Fela, a modern version of the legendary Fela.

FELA who prophesied that Nigeria governorship election was and is still the same old story. In recent times this is true, most notably in the case of Kogi and Bayelsa states. This is very true considering the menacing threat posed by the bands of thugs and political excavators all wedging the use of arms and armunitions. Indeed the land could not but shout uncontrollably as it wails and wails at the shed of innocent blood.

Long before his death, he had toil day and night in reorientating the populace that thier vote is much more expensive. If not expensive than gold, it isn’t worth buying by anyone. Because gold as we all know is not easy to get, therefore whosoever must get thier votes must toil hard to prove thier worth. Some hearkened while some declined. Unfortunately some of those who hearkened couldn’t live to see this day.

When the election referee,(the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission) had told us during the kogi state gubernatorial elections that preparations were going smoothly and that several mechanisms has been put in place to checkmate all forms of electoral malpractice and violence, we the innocent citizens were happy dancing in front of an empty throne without the drummers drumming. Oh what a joy! But on that fateful day, which was the day for the future of the people to be decided, it turned out to be a clash of spades, guns and irons.

The hopeful citizens becomes hopeless like flocks of sheep in the lions den. Death became inevitable for some people as was the case of the innocent and gentle Mrs. Salome Abuh. If the mother of many nations could die an unjust death, what lies the fate of others? Is this a football match where players and thier coach could change positions after half time? No! But the electoral exercise in kogi State was characterised with the sudden change and movement of ballot boxes. Thugs becoming the umpire of the day, physical violence and verbal combat soon take over center stage like the legendary war in the animal kingdom.
Despite the unsavoury situation, the electoral referee(INEC chairman) declared the winner of the game justifying the words of great philosopher Nicollo Machiavelli, “that the ends justify the means.”

Then I begin to wonder like a host of a golden daffodils. Why will the same referee declared inconclusive the rerun of kogi West senatorial election? If the same chef who cooked the first Jollof rice said it was the pot that affected the taste of the second round, then one need to ask the chef, is it not the same pot that cooked the first one?

Also, can we adjudged the men in black uniform to have done thier job perfectly well or should we hold them responsible for our missing future, father, mother, sons and daughters? Maybe there’s a rotten rat somewhere. Days before, the police vans was everywhere, one would have thought that a slight mistake by anyone, would attract more than a thousand bullets. Unfortunately, some rats could still walk in broad day light to steal the cats milk without fear of dying.

At this junction, I began to crack my head like one trying to spill out The water inside a coconut. didnt the commissioner of police, Hakeem Buhari said the other day that “about 40, 000 security operatives would be deployed to provide security for the election?” But during and after the election, houses were razed down into ashes as white as snow, electoral materials were carted away like hungry men and women jozzling for food.
Blood was no longer a scarce commodity. To get one, one just have to wait for the sound of a gun shot.

If what do happened in the past is still happening like personality clashes, electoral violence, rigging etc, what else can we say to justify the legendary Fela? Calling him a prophet is good but not right because he isn’t one of those to dream dreams and see visions. No doubt Fela lives on. The modern version of Fela exists even without a human body, no doubt, it is the real fact.

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