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Contributed by Gbenga Akindele

It took me less than twenty minutes to write this piece. Welcome to this brand-new article. You will observe that no article has been put up in a while. Its not because we lost steam. Its not because we have no idea of what to write. First reason for the break was because our blog was down at a time. By the time it came up other things have taken our attention. On another note we wanted our readers to read again and digest our preciously sent materials. As we wrote before we have this “information overload’ today. We do not plan to give you more than necessary information.

How does one write a book in the shortest possible time? Some take months or even years to come up with a book. Every individual is supposed to write at least a book in their life time. How? You can write about your own life. Your very own autobiography! An autobiography is the story of one’s life by the very person who has the story in one’s life time. Some will say I don’t have time to seat and write and compose and put it up very well. Don’t worry sir. Don’t worry ma. There is a good and easy way out. All you need to do is to call us and tell me the story you want written down and pronto it will be transformed into a beautiful book for you. That definitely will be for a fee to be agreed. You can get other good writers to do that for you.

Aside from your autobiography, you can write on any area of life that comes to mind. You may think what you want to write is not important but it may turn out to be a bestseller. Most writers and achievers do not foresee the extent their efforts will take them. They just want to do something good. They just wanted to do more. It eventually turns out that it all became acceptable. You don’t know what will be until you try.

A writer once told me that he sold a lot of books in Abuja and made a huge chunk of money from it. He said he made sure he bought a plot of land immediately in the same Abuja from the money made from book selling. This writer said he does not write a book for a long time. The concept of the book comes. He hoes to his printer and tells him he wants to write. He gives him note book and biro and he sits and writes for thirty minutes or one hour. That’s all. The book comes out immediately after.

Another motivational speaker and author once said that what you need to do is to write the title of the book first. Then you add chapter by chapter over a period of time. This approach will not make you write more than a few books over a long period of time. You must have a good concept of what you want to write.

Good book writers have read a lot of books themselves. They have listened to or seen a lot of experiences themselves. They have watched a lot of stories themselves. Read wide, watch wide, listen wide, observe wide. That’s one way to go. You do not copy other people’s materials when writing but you draw from what you have watched, observed, read, listened to. This drawing and proper putting together of all makes you come up with a better book.

The language you use in writing your book should be simple and at the same time readers should be able to learn new Grammar from what you have written. They should have the need to consult their dictionaries. Not for every word but for a few. Young and old should be able to learn not just the lessons but also some grammar from your book. It will take time to develop, it will take time to mature, but believe me you can make money from book writing. In our next write up we will tell you about how you will do that. It’s good to be a best writer but better to be a bestseller. See you soon!

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