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Contributed by Adeyeye Lawrence

I might not be a fashion genius but I’m definitely far from being a mediocre. Fashion is more than just matching your Laurel or off-white shirt with your Golfwang pants and your Chuck Taylors. Fashion is life if you ask me. Growing up I had always loved fashion even if I couldn’t do much cause I wasn’t encouraged and I didn’t have enough resources to get the kinda clothing I really wanted. I was seen as a wayward child by my parents and even family members all because I was very fashion conscious and I really cared about what I was wearing. People always saw my interest in fashion has misplaced priorities cause they felt I was too young to care that much about fashion and I think “African Parents” also think fashion is a thing of the devil. I had always wanted to be stylish. Then, I’d want to follow trends, style my hair and also get a lot accessories but fam my parents were against all of that To be very honest, I’ve never seen myself has Kanye west, pharell Williams or Asap rocky i.e. someone who’s going to change the fashion world or evolve fashion in general but I know I’ve a lot to offer and I’m also bringing a lot into the fashion world so if I happen to change a lot of things, I’d be happy about that.

Despite growing up with a lot of challenges and also restrictions which streamlined my fashion involvement, I never for once lost interest in it so when I was old enough to purchase wears that I liked, I went all out and started jumping on some trends and also making some adjustments. I’d spend time matching my outfits and taking pictures of them so people could know that I was and still am a Fashion Genius (see what I did there). I had always known Denim wasn’t my thing growing up so I hardly buy anything denim when I go shopping. So it’s safe to say I figured out my style when I was much younger.

Your fashion/style depicts your personality. Fashion is a way of life and therefore you having your style is very important. Fashion reflects who you’re so you’ve to know what works for you (your style) by this I mean what looks good on you and what you feel very comfortable in. fashion is a form of expression in which we communicate through the clothes we wear. Fashion is really diverse and cuts across clothing, footwear, Accessories, make up, hairstyle and the human body.

In Order to be fashionable by this I mean expressing yourself with what you wear, you’ve to be very fashion conscious and be on the lookout for trends and all. You’ve to have your own style in which people can relate to. Fashion is beyond wearing outfits but also the way you match your outfit and the way in which you carry yourself. For example I once wore a leather pant I saw LUKA SABBAT wear once on Instagram and I wasn’t feeling it on myself but it looked really nice on LUKA. This happened because I lacked enough confidence to carry myself well, I couldn’t feel like myself and most importantly leathers aren’t my thing. The leather pant wasn’t my style so I couldn’t rock it the same way LUKA SABBAT did even if I gave it a try. This is why it’s very important to know your style and stick with it so you don’t end up like me lol. I personally feel like everyone should know what works for them. Take time to study your interests and also consider what looks the best on you because doing this, looking good everyday won’t be a problem.

So, id say everyone should get involved in fashion and also be more conscious of what they wear cause I believe “you’ll be addressed the way you dress” just like that old adage. Get involved in fashion, get a stylist if necessary (ASAP rocky has a stylist I mean so) and shop more. Fashion is really interesting and looking good is good business.

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