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The festive season as usual is a time for enjoyment and celebration, this can also be seen as the mindset of the nations’ (Naija) heartthrob popularly known as StarBoy. The popular musician who has brought joy to the hearts of many nationwide spent half his Christmas night at Ilorin performing at a concert. He was highly expected as his fans could be seen awaiting his arrival long before the concert was slated to begin. The venue of the event was the Kwara Hotel, amidst the joyous season, controversies arose among the fans of the artist as some claimed he was not properly well cared for.

One of the issues that led to the controversies was the fact that the celebrity was made to sit on a plastic chair awaiting his turn to perform, some felt it was an act of disrespect as their sweetheart should not be made to sit on such a chair but others saw it from a different perspective as they believed that StarBoy sitting on such a sit proves his level of humility and humbleness as he didn’t show any sign of being uncomfortable. The issue of security was also pointed out by some as video clips of the artist being mobbed was the trending item. To some this showed the act of disorganization and lack of proper planning because all that should not have been accounted for. Looking at it from another angle, this goes further to show the love the popular artist has earned in the hearts of people, if not such an incidence wouldn’t have occured in the first instance.

Mixed reactions have been trending as some wondered why StarBoy went for the gig at such a place, it was beyond the comprehension of some fans as why he would decide to perform there on that big night but for some this act increased their appreciation and loyalty to the celebrity. There were several highlights to the performance of the star such as how the singer was mobbed by excited fans whose Christmas was on point due to this event. Cases of fans clinging to the singer without letting go was evident and this brought about the introduction of some security measures which were somewhat unappealing to some citizens.

Through all this, the celebrity himself never showed any negative attitude towards the happenings surrounding the event. Afterwards the celebrity went ahead to perform at Burna Boy’s concert which was scheduled to hold at Lagos that same night, the performance of the artist did not indicate any discomfort at his previous concert. His only comment concerning the event was an Instagram post showing the sorry state of his Nike sneakers, the post went further to express how his night went. With all these happenings, one can’t help but think that this Christmas event would take time before it becomes history to the nation’s heartthrob.



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