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Contributed by Gbenga Akindele

Acronyms! What are acronyms or what is an acronym? An acronym is a combination of letters that is/are easy to recall or in common use and can enable you to remember more complex words. One of the earliest acronyms I learnt was “MR NIGER D” which stands for the characteristics of living things. Anther was “POTMAGCALPHONISU” which stands for some of the major elements while “CUPBOMANZI” aids our recalling the trace elements. “CERTOLUSACA 7-12-5-5-4” was taught us in one of those senior secondary tutorials. It stands for the 5 bones of the vertebral column and their number in man. God be with all teachers. Amin.

The acronym PUSH stands mostly for “pray until something happens”. Its used to encourage the persons praying to God for something not to stop praying until solution comes. In this instance I want to use that same PUSH acronym to mean “PERSIST UNTIL SOMETHING GOOD HAPPENS”. So many individuals give up too soon. They do not persist. I knew of a man in recent time who persisted. He wrote WAEC many times and did not get the needed 5 credits to enter the University. According to him he was always getting “police number” (F9) in one of the major required courses. He never gave up. Today he is a master’s degree holder in his chosen field.

The popular book “Oliver Twist” written by Charles Dickens was rejected several times by different publishers. The publishers said it did not meet up with standards. Charles Dickens did not give up. He kept trying new publishers until the book got published and became a jolly good novel. Any one that asks for more today could be referred to as Oliver Twist. What a twist lesson on persistence! Another man wrote a book like Charles Dickens and got rejected by several publishers too. He was not persistent or did not persist enough perhaps. He took the manuscript and trashed it in the trash bin or waste receptacle. Another individual took the trashed manuscript, dusted it and got it accepted by a publishing outlet. He made a fortune from royalties received. Whereas the real owner had left without looking back.

Another classic example of the never give up attitude is the current president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. His name is Muhammadu Buhari. He contested the presidential election 4 times in a row and only clinched the coveted position the fourth time. He wept after losing sometimes but he persisted. Some criticize him today but fail to learn from his persistence. Such people don’t persist on their job, in their endeavours and they have the guts to criticize a man that can persist like no other. I salute you sir, even as you begin your second term in office this season, Mr. President!

I hope to see Abubakar Atiku making good use of this PUSH and becoming the nations number one in 4 years. It takes guts to be where one ought to be. It takes courage. It takes persistence. Now is the time to do it and make it happen.


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