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Celebrities can be said to be famous people in their chosen careers. These careers may range from different aspects of life; from acting to singing to comedy etc. For example, we have the likes of Odunlade Adekola, Femi Adebayo as actors, whereas talking about singers, we have Davido, Wizkid etc. Also in comedy, we have comedians like Akpororo, AY, etc.

The impact of these people in our lives cannot be overemphasized as they serve as agents of stress-relief. Through the movies, songs or other contents they dish out, we tend to be relaxed making us forget about all the stress of life (at least for the moment we are exposed to such contents).

Different people tend to favour some celebrities over others based on what each person likes. Whereas some people may like a particular celebrity because of their beauty, other people like other celebrities because of the way they portray themselves to the public. However, whereas some people if asked why they like a particular celebrity, they will be able to say something, some other people don’t have a particular reason they like a celebrity, they just know they like them.

This liking for a particular celebrity is what makes some people take a particular celebrity as their role model i.e wanting to be like the celebrity in question. This, can be seen as a big concern because during the process of making a celebrity a role model, some people are blinded by the love they have for such person thereby not able to differentiate between the right and wrong things they are to adopt from such person.

For example, an individual that likes a particular singer that smokes in their music videos and has decided to take such celebrity as their role model may feel it is not bad to smoke since the celebrity they like does that. This in the long run then gives such person a wrong orientation of life because they will have the mentality of “whatever my role model does is right.”

However, a person who has decided to choose a morally upright celebrity as their role model is most likely to imbibe the morals from such celebrity in their dealings (with other members of the society). The same way a person with a bad role model sees everything done by their role model as right is the same way a person with a good role model feels about their role. This mentality then tend to guide the conduct of such person in the society.

However, the biggest concern is the media contents the celebrities of nowadays dish out to their fans. The celebrities of nowadays unlike those of the olden days have almost all deviated from imparting the lives of their audience meaningfully which can be seen to be a big catalyst to the social vices that are witnessed in our society today.

For example, in the music industry, gone are those days of Ebenezer Obey and the likes who used their songs to pass out meaningful messages that could help develop the society morally. What we have today are the likes of Naira Marley, Slimcase who do nothing but glorify cybercrime, drugs and all sort of immoral acts in their songs.

Also, in the movie industry, what we now have today is promotion of obscenity as opposed to the ancient movie industry where all that was focused on was imparting people’s lives morally. All that the celebrities of today are focused on is making quick money which makes them produce contents that can be deemed “offensive”. These celebrities now give preference to quantity over quality.

Looking at it from every angle, in today’s world, it can be said that our celebrities are directly or indirectly behind the chaos and social vices we experience in our society today. They, on their part may feel they are only doing what they do in order to make money and feel the contents they dish out to people (or their fans) do not matter as they don’t affect the people’s lives in anyway. It needs to be highlighted that this is a wrong belief. The contents produced by each celebrity are responsible for what image of a celebrity a fan is likely to have which in the long run affects their conduct having made them their role models.

In conclusion, in order to curb the noticeable menace in our society today, celebrities must first acknowledge the role they play in the society. They must understand how important they are in shaping the lives of their fans. Only then will they be able to contribute positively to the development of the society.

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  1. Abdullahi Afeez

    Nice theme, people need to know that celebrity’s are not flawless cos nobody is, we should only learn from their good deeds


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