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Contributed by Gbenga Akindele

It was Winston Churchill who said the war that was fought at that time was ‘the unnecessary war’. He was asked by the prime Minister the name the war should be called.  Patrick J. Buchanan’s has authored a book titled Churchill, Hitler, and the “Unnecessary War”. He granted several interviews based on this statement made by Churchill.

‘The price of peace is war’ is a quote from Dr. Mike Murdock. Much agitation in a society can be resolved peacefully and by dialogue but when one party feels that they have the monopoly for fomenting trouble the only option left for the other party is war. What then happens after the war? All parties know their boundaries and PEACE then reigns.

No one wants war but over riding and victimization from one end can lead to war. Indeed, as Churchill said ‘no war is necessary’. Every war is unnecessary but again as Murdock said truly ‘the price of peace is war’! What a paradox.

There are struggles in families, communities, countries and the world at large. These struggles and disagreements started the first and second world wars. It lead to civil wars and other types of wars. The gulf war, the Nigerian civil war, the Burundi war, the war in Congo, the civil war in USA and many others are unnecessary and caused by what can be resolved via dialogue. Eventually and in the end all wars are yet resolved via dialogue.

Currently, there are agitations all over the world. The most prominent is the one between the USA and Iran. The whole world needs to rise up to allow them dialogue now. Both countries need to dialogue and resolve the lingering issues. That is before any damage and war. The alternative is to allow them to dialogue after damaging effects. That will be bad. Remember, on one hand the price of peace is war and also recall that the war was unnecessary.

Once one party is ready the other party should please be ready too. It is in the news today that Washington is ‘ready for serious negotiations’ with Tehran. I plead with Tehran to be ready too and cooperate. Both should allow peace to reign. It takes two to tangle.

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