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Contributed by Gbenga Akindele

Hello, it is rampant these days to hear of people committing suicide left, right and centre. The cause of the suicide varies from some shame thing to some tired of life thing. If one checks the social media, one will see catalogues of persons who took their own life and even left suicide notes by the side. The menace of suicide happens on all continents. It was not so reported in Africa until recently when even the young people with bright future are coming up in the news for this sad event. The recent one was that of a serving corps member (NYSC), who was serving in Akwa Ibom, hailed from Ijumu in Kogi State and graduated from Kogi State University.

Today, thenewkokoro.com bring you reasons why you should not take your own life.

  1. Life is sweet, despite the bitter experience you are going through.
  2. Time heals all things. Be patient and all will be clear.
  3. No matter who and who disappointed you better people and better days are ahead of you.
  4. If you can just learn from the experiences that made you want to commit suicide you will be better person and live a wiser life.
  5. Other people who are not thinking of suicide like you are going through similar experiences that made you commit suicide.
  6. Perhaps a secret is lurking somewhere and someone is threatening to expose it, relax it can’t be worse than that. After exposing it you may be ashamed for a while and everyone forgets. Life still goes on.
  7. If you commit suicide you will make your loved ones very sad.
  8. If you commit suicide your contribution to your family, community, society, country and the world at large will be missed.
  9. If you commit suicide because of a man, woman, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, child, parent, boss, subordinate, etc., those same people will get another person like you to replace you soon after you are gone.
  10. If you take your own life you will be judged in the world to come for that crime.
  11. Suicide is a crime.
  12. If you take your own life all your labours of the past will be wasted.

What to do if you feel like committing suicide

  1. Find a trusted person to talk to about the problem you are going through.
  2. Take a pen and write down ten sweet things about life so far. Keep ruminating about those sweet experiences and sweet things life has to offer.
  3. If you don’t have someone to take you out, take yourself out. Buy yourself a snack.
  4. Find somewhere to travel to and socialize perhaps with different persons. See new people and new places. This may be in a faraway place or nearby.
  5. Pray to God to help you.
  6. Know that problems exist and all have their own share and many have bigger problems than yours.
  7. Stop thinking of problems and start thinking of solutions.
  8. You can talk to Gbenga Akindele at neugbenga@yahoo.com
  9. I will keep your matter as very confidential as possible. You can be sure of that.

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See you around more and more in this sweet life.


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