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There are various games that are played in campuses across the world. Sometimes, it is played to ease the stress from academics but at times it serves as a mandatory course to be studied by the student. Some students find themselves in the “play to ease stress”stage while the latter are in the “mandatory” stage. The various games played on campuses are football, basketball, tennis, cricket, volleyball and the likes. Games on campuses are played in various categories such as the inter departmental category, inter faculty category, inter campus category and much more.
However, these games are most times interesting. I recently got adapted to watching and loving football. When you participate in the watching of games you realize that the atmosphere is different, it eases your mind from all sorts of burdens, you get to communicate with various types of people who have different opinions from yours and you get to share your thoughts on the game. From there you get to learn more of what the game really entails.
An inter departmental football match was recently played at the University of Ilorin. It was a direct field experience for me. This match was played between the Departments of History and of Linguistics. The game was fascinating. The Historians possessed a better players than the linguists and they came out brilliantly. The game was played on the Maracana field, located at the Faculty of Education.
Enough of the football experience.These games actually have their importance. They tend to increase the social and intellectual life of the students. The students get to know how to interact more with one another and students from other universities. Their intellectual life tends to broaden because game playing is all about intelligence. A player most be intelligent if he does not want to look like a fool on his field or on the pitch. So game playing on campuses is beneficial to the social and intellectual life of the students.
Furthermore, games played brings out the best in the students lifestyle. It brings out the worth in them,there are some hidden talent in the in the students but when they driven to play games they know what they are worth and regret been behind scenes these passing years. Students will however be grateful to their institutions for granting them the opportunities to bring out the force them.
It will be a slap on me if I don’t talk about the numbers of players in the game. For example in a football team there is ten players and a goalkeeper making it eleven in each teams. In a volleyball game there is six players,three in the front row and three in the back row maximum of three hits per sides. In tennis,there are two players,players in this game cannot touch the net or post and they can’t cross to the opponent side,they can’t hit the ball twice these are few rules guiding the tennis player in their court. In cricket,this game is played between two teams made up of eleven players each,with one side taking a turn to bat a ball and score runs while the other team will bowl and filled the ball to restrict the opposition.The main objective in cricket is to score as many runs as possible against the opponent. Basketball team,it consists of two teams and each can have a maximum of give players at anyone time.The ball can only be moved by either dribbling or passing the ball.
This article gave insight on how games are being played on campuses, the importance of these games on the intellectual life of students,the rules guiding the games and all.

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