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By Udogu Chukwuemeka Kelvin

Food food food!!! Everyone needs food to survive. In Ilorin here we are looking at the most prestigious eateries on the campus. Now it really boils down down to what you think is an eatery. It could be based on  a building with an air conditioner  or just a kiosk.

people sitting on chair in restaurant

The first we will be looking at is  Item 7. Item 7 was founded by a former student of the University of Ilorin. This is the most popular restaurant in the school.  The reason is because it offers you very expensive type of food for a very cheap amount of price. Item 7 could be seen as a place on campus you to chill. It’s a place where you know you go to get decent food and full of people who do transfer from private schools they find it very easy and very cheap to get the food. The normal price has been increased as you pay 550 naira/plate for it as before it was 450 naira for a plate of rice and chicken. As I said it is a way of life. It is located very strategically and it’s located around the path of the hostels. There you have a good quantity and equally good quality food. This is seen as the most popular and the best restaurant in the whole of the campus if not the state.

sushi in the plate

The next on the list is the Buka. It is a place you go to buy local food that is local food of the indigenes of the state. This includes beans, swallow and all other basically down-to-earth Nigerian food at prices that are extremely cheap as they cater for a lot of students. A simple plate of Beans can be 50 or 100 Naira and you by your bread 100 Naira and you’re done if you choose to add meat for 50 or with fish that also is 50 naira. The buka also sells rice just like the Item 7 but it is not exactly as good in quality as Item 7. As I said earlier the buka is located a  couple of hundred feet away of Item 7 and is really low budget food.

Coming up next is the new Bukatee. I said earlier that Buka is a place where people go to buy local food. This new Bukatee was established just a couple of months ago and this is a place where people also go to buy local food but it is more classy in the sense that it is a better building where you can sit down and eat with air conditioners and TVs and they also have more. The food also seems to be better. Complain about the normal buka is that you find stones and other things in your food. A meal goes for up to 500 Naira the food is not that expensive is a place where people go to eat. The food quantity and quality are way better than that of the normal buka, making it  the top place for local food on the campus.brown concrete building with white framed windows

Next we have the bakery, as the name goes, it is a place where they sell bread now. Prior to their coming to campus, a lot of people tend to buy the normal bread which was alright but it wasn’t anything good when the bakery came a couple of months ago. Also the bread tasted a lot like how it is meant to be and people rushed to buy it. By rush I mean people going there 2 to 3 a. m. in the morning to buy bread. The cost goes for 100 naira for normal and 500/200  for the different sizes and types of bread. Apart from selling bread they deal with a lot of other bakery delicacies such as cakes. They also sell rice, chicken, etc. The bakery is located at the beside of school market

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