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By Babatunde Rhoda Abimbola.

During the period of 2015 precisely on November to May 2019, Solomon Dalung, a 55 year old man who happens to be a Lawyer and Politician was made the sports minister under the governance of president Muhammadu Buhari. His tenure ended on May 2019.

Then Sunday Dare took over. Sunday Dare is 53 years old and has over the years worked as a journalist.

Here are important tips for the New sports minister to succeed in his position:

  1. He must be updated on sports and youths related matters both in Nigeria and other countries.
  2. He must be strategic.
  3. He should learn how to build up a good relationship with the youths and others, then put that learning to use.
  4. He as a sports minister is in position to help smaller sports or sports that are seen as irrelevant grow and find ways to finance them.
  5. Unlike most politicians, he should avoid corruption.
  6. He can also upgrade the sporting systems of our country.
  7. Just like the former sports director advised, he must have the zeal for sports development.
  8. He should in all ways always favour all tribes in the country and help them improve sport-wise.
  9. He should always take advises or learn how the past ministers ran the sport sector smoothly.
  10. Sports should be like an only beloved child to him, he must learn how to nurture and keep it improving.


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