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By Lucky Yovo

It’s disappointing and disapproving to note that we still have some educated illiterates at the seat of learning. They deem it fit to showcase their crudity. Stealing is a despicable act globally rejected, disregarded as irresponsibility, lack of integrity, honest and loyalty displacement. One found guilty of this act is rebuke by relatives and the general public. Perpetrators, often times blame the Devil for instigating this criminal act but never thought why there are the instrument of this evil doing (s).

Morally forbidden, character disapproving, yet these individuals hope to be successful instruments of this cruel act.

Stealing within the University campuses, is prohibited by an act and written as an offence in the official document that govern a University. Not found wanting in Character is paramount to the educational setting of Nigeria Universities, yet the rate at which items go missing is wonderful, magical and unexplainable, one wonder if these individuals have conscience or if they have lost their sight to irresponsibility.

“All fingers are not equal”, those not give room to one’s inability to work hard, it is expected of all undergraduate to be skillful entrepreneurs, not to depend on what the society will give them.

” Na Condition make crayfish bend”, a Nigerian Idiom, used sometimes to justify this selfish act, forgetting that many successful individuals work their way up to Success. Permit me to retreat that the Crayfish got bent due to laziness, laziness feed the idol man’s mind and trust me, “the idol mind is the devil’s workshop”. I implore all Perpetrators, to repent of this short root(theft)camouflaging underneath as success. The road to success is never smooth, it become successful by hard work, diligence, persistence and Character formation. Be wise and responsible.

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