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Sport tourism is the fastest growing segment Within the travel industry today. Sport tourism is defined as an individual travel. To a location for the specific purpose of either. Participating in or viewing a sporting event.

Parents who support children who are participating in sporting event can be included in this definition as well. Essentially sport tourism means different thing to myriad of people. It can be golf tournament for Nigeria armed forces, which is to take place in Abuja where each State will have their own representatives to our selected high school football player youngsters Who are selected from different schools flying to Johannesburg in South Africa to see an exhibition Match in honour of Nelson Mandela. teams that will be participating are Mamelodi Sundown of South Africa, LA galaxy of USA, Shanghai fc of china and fc Barcelona of Spain.

Whatever sport tourist are travelling for their presence has become quite Lucrative.

Sports Tourism Consumer

The type of sport tourism varies from sport to sport.

The most generalized are that most sport tourist are

Males between the ages of 18 and 34 and they are in

The middle-class economic group.

For example, cricket and rugby fans are generally older and

Have less income compare to that of football and basketball

Whose fans are younger while different sport have different

Sport tourism consumer.

It is a known fact that all sport have taken a popularity increase

In recent years.

Benefits of Sport Tourism

The benefit of identifying sport tourism include:

  • Enhancing the areas image
  • Provide outstanding entertainment and in some instances. The opportunity to participate
  • Stimulate the local economy to the use of sport facilities and services
  • Contribute to the quality of life.

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