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By Jubril Fuad Oluwatomiwa and Gbenga Akindele

At around 5 am on the 25th of January 2020, Indian star actress known for the role she played “Simmi Khosla” as the adopted sister of the lead actor in a Star Plus TV Series `Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji’, Sejal Dharma was founded hanging on the ceiling in the room of her rented flat in Royal Nest Housing Society,Shivar Garden,Mira Road.

Sejal was born on Wednesday, 26 October 1994(Died at the age of 26),hails from Udaipur in RajasthanSejal had gone to Mumbai few years back to pursue a career in acting.She also worked in TV commercials with Actor Aamir Khan and cricket players Rohit Dharma and Hardik Pandya,she was also featured in a movie video of SonyLiv.She was known to be a person who danced a lot in which she said dancing makes her happy. She posted some of her dance videos on TikTok.Sejal has been said to be very fond of her sister.

During the time of the incident, two of her friends including a room mate were in the flat with her. After they were being reportedly questioned by the police,it was known that the actress had been suffering from depression and anxiety. The Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji’ series which started in January 2019 was all of a sudden ended in August 2019 which was said to make the actress very unhappy in which she was unable to get a job after that. She was also said to have been going through emotional breakdown in her love affairs.

She was rushed to the hospital in which she was declared dea on arrival,the police found a suicide note she wrote before the incident which she said no one is responsible for her action that she took the step based on her own personal reasons.

The case as been added as case of accidental death registered at Mira Road police station.After an autopsy has been done in the Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Government Hospital in Bhadyander,her bady has been handed back to her family for her final rites.

Suicide is considered a tragedy while suicidal is considered attention seeking.

When someone commits suicide everyone comes around but when someone is contemplating suicide everyone runs away or avoid them.

When someone commits suicide everyone wishes they saw the signs but when someone is suicidal everyone pretends the problem is absent.

When someone commits suicide everyone feels bad but when someone is suicidal everyone feels irritated.

if anyone tells you they are suicidal take them serious. Don’t push them away. Be the person who tries to keep them here. You could be the life saver.

Message neugbenga@yahoo.com if you feel like chatting with someone. Don’t suffer and die in silence. share the burden today. You secret will be kept safe.



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