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Selena Maria Gomez popularly known as Selena Gomez is an American songwriter, actress and TV producer. Born  22nd July, 1992. She rose to fame at a very young age of 10 when she appeared on the children’s television series ‘Barney & friends’ [2002-2004]. She gained recognition for her role as Alex Russo. She joined the music industry in 2009 when she released her debut album with her former band ‘Selena Gomez & the scene’ when she attained her gold certified album titled ‘kiss and tell’ in 2009. The song peaked at the top 10 in the US billboard. In 2013, she released her solo album ‘stars dance’ which became her first number 1 album on the billboard 200 and signed a deal with the interscope records.
As years goes by she released numerous singles and albums over the years until around September 2010 when rumors where all around about her dating Justin Biebeand was confirmed in February 2011. They walked at the red carpet together at the vanity fair Oscar and latter broke up in November, 2012 due to their cracked schedules. They unified various times but didn’t get official until Justin posted a picture of him and Selena together in September, 2014 with the caption ‘our love is unconditional’ and broke up a month later after he was spotted with Kendall Jenner in Paris.
Their love story seems to be a bit complicated due to several reasons In October, 2017 at Los Angeles she met Justin Bieber after breaking up with ‘the weeknd’. After which they disclose to the world that they are back again for the last time, but just like before the relationship went up the hill and they both went their separate ways in May 2018. Selena and Justin had been off music since then not until when Selena announced a date for her new album in late December, 2019 to be January 10, 2020. The album titled ‘rare’ whose contents showed that she has let go of him. She released two lead singles from the album titled ‘lose you to love me’ which debut at number one on the billboard 100 and ‘look at her now’ in the track lose you to love me she said in her lyrics “I gave you all and they all know it, then you tore me down and now it’s showing, in two months you replaced us, like it was easy”.
Rumors have it that they were directed at Justin. She finally released the album which debut at number one at the billboard 200 album with over 118,000 sales in the first week. Meanwhile Justin Bieber also had a comeback from his break at the same month with the song yummy but it debut at number 2 on billboard 100. This brought up different controversies saying Selena has the best come back due to her higher debut on the chart. Lets keep watch to see how well each of them will do as they begin a new phase of their career.

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