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By Adeniyi Oreoluwa Olushola

Sports is a world wide culture. Its a way of life and everybody knows a bunch of them and the ones you can mention are probably the very popular ones like football, basketball, rugby etc. But considering the shear number of sports being practiced on the surface of our big blue planet the few sports you know is just a very tiny percent of it. Most people don’t even know the name or concept of most sports held during the Olympics the worlds biggest sporting event. Don’t feel any guilt about this though unless you’re a sports reporter or blogger you really don’t have to know more than a few. So on this list I won’t be listing different popular sports you should know about but the most bizzare, weird and unheard of sports you most definitely did not know is a thing. Now some of this sports are popular in some specific places but not on an Olympic level.


  1. Watermelon Seed Spitting

Its exactly as the name implies a bunch of people come together to  compete over who could spit a watermelon seed the farthest from where they were all standing. The longest record was set in 1995 De Leon, Texas, by Jason Schayot who spit a watermelon seed an incredible distance of 75 feet and 2 inches. That’s nearly the width of an Olympic swimming pool. Gee.


  1. Tuna Tossing

The sole objective of the tuna toss is to throw the fish(a tuna) as far as you can, just imagine the field even hammer throw but with a Tuna fish which is Kotr in Yoruba The sport originally began in 1979 somewhere is South Australia, a Port Lincoln as I’ve read. The Tuna Toss event is a part of Tunarama an event held every January.


  1. Toe Wrestling

Toe wrestling is a sport where two people lock in their toes and try to pin each other’s feet to either side while also to keep their feet from being pinned. Imagine arm wrestling, I’m sure you know arm wrestling, but this is arm wrestling with toes so Toe wrestling. The sport is centered in Northern England and there is an entire championship dedicated to the sport.


  1. Wife Carrying

Wife carrying is a sport event in which several male competitors race each other around an obstacle course of some sort while each carry a female teammate, most times this female teammate is usually their wife. The objective is for a male participant to reach the end of the obstacle track while carrying their wife. The sport was first introduced in Sonkajärvi, Finland.


  1. Drone Racing

Drone racing is a sport type where participants control “drones” any small radio controlled aircraft or quadcopters which are equipped with cameras while wearing head-mounted displays showing the live stream camera feed from the drones. Drones just became a thing in Nigeria like 3 years ago and some people somewhere already turned it into a sport. The objective of the sport is for each participant to fly their drone around the designed obstacle course in the shortest time.


  1. Cliff Tenting

I’m sure you know there are mountain climbing enthusiasts around the world and they are quite popular and recognised. I’m sure you also know about camping where people in groups or individually venture into unpopulated areas and set camp and tents and live in them for a few days, now combine these two together and you have cliff tenting i.e mountain climbers setting tent not on the mountains but on the side i.e the vertical side of the mountain and they have to sleep after they are done tying the tent. Imagine sleeping overnight on a tent tethered to the side of cliff. Jesus.



This sport is actually quite popular already, but many people don’t know about it in Nigeria. The reason I’m putting it on the list is because of the way this sport is growing its unexplainably and the money in this sport its enormous and there is a lot of prejudice projected towards it. So video games are those things your children play on your phone or you yourself play everyday. Now there are video games which are designed with competition in mind like thr PES or FIFA series. Now imagine two people playing PES in a stadium with people watching them play against each other. Last year at an annual E-SPORTS competition on a video game called fortnite. The person who emerged the winner went home with $2 million dollars if the winner of the championship can walk away with that imagine what the organisers are making.

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