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BY Azeez Semiat Oyeyemi
Department: History and International Kunle came home with a sum of ten naira and told his dad he saw it on his way home.That he has decided to buy biscuits with it but he wanted a go ahead from his dad.His dad knowing fully well that taking money from the ground is bad told him to return the piece to where he found it.Kunle was not satisfied with the decision of his dad but as a father seeing his son’s reaction explained why picking money from the ground is not right by this time Kunle was more convinced and he returned the money.”
Morality is the recognition of what is right from wrong,the ability to forego some
acts which is considered to be bad.Therefore it is the job of parents to inculcate moral habits into the life of their children.Moral behaviour is a concept learnt by the child from infancy through adulthood.An infant may not be able to understand the concept of morality because its sense of what good and what is bad depends on their desires or feelings.At this stage,a baby wants to be cuddled and cared for.The feeling of being lonely and hunger scares the baby thereby making them cry.This actually occur due to the moral stage of the infants because of the nuturing they have had during the nine months in their mother’s womb.
When an infant is within the age of two to three that is the toddler stage where the child feels that others have their rights even though the child is yet to realize what is wrong from what is right. A toddler might show pity for people depending on what is conveyed to him or her by the parents and a toddler gets to know obedience is the key to be saved from being punished.For example,a toddler knows it is bad to forcefully collect things which is not his or hers from a mate.He also understands beating others is punishable.After this stage,a child goes to the stage called the preschooler stage from the age of three to five.Since rules and norms are stated for the discipline of the family members,this rules and norms began to apply to child too.Therefore, the child realize he is to follow some of the stated rules of the household.The child expects older people of the house to be in control and expects more from them.The child recognizes the role of adult and the child and expects the adult to use maturity in carrying out some activities.
The child realize that if he does a good deed he will be rewarded but if he does otherwise he would be punished.The role of parents goes a long way to the way a child turns out to be,a positive attitude of parents to a child brings connected feeling for the child and child tends to behave well but if parents are nonchalant towards their child the child feels lonely and the child tends to behave in a way that pleases him or her.A preschooler became a kid at the age of seven to ten.The kid in this stage tends to be more familiar with their environment.They start to get curious of things surrounding them,they get to question why this is that,if people at the top might fall or an instance why God is call God and why he is being feared by most people and so on and so forth.The kid develop a sense of what he should and what he should not do,he develop a judgemental feeling towards people and understands the reasons why rules are being made.
From this stage the kid goes to his teenage stage,from the age of eleven to eighteen.A stage where he gets closer to his adulthood,at this junction a child begin to develop his own moral values.While picking from the values his parents and others has set for him.The child learns why rules are being set and why it is needed to be followed.His moral horizon will expands knowing why rules are set for social guidelines.The adolescent values rules but actually negotiate on it,he becomes more interested in what is good for the society at large.At this stage too,he learns to understand his decisions also affect others around him.He will wants to mingle and socialize with his peers and this may actually change his moral values in the long run or it might not,this depends on how well a parent has inculcate good morals in the child.The cycle goes on and on like “I do this cause I find it right” or “I do this cause that is how it is being done in my family” or ” I do this cause I feel it is good” the cycle goes on.
Moral behaviour should be well monitored by the parents as it is not as easy as installing values into the child.The level of moral development goes beyond that because moral development in children is complicated than what it is viewed to be. Moral development is important as the way they look and how they interact publicly,as a mother or father you do not have to wait for your children to be a grown up before you instill the moral attitude into them. You need to be a role model to your children from an early stage so that they could be a major part of the society.

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