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By Faith Emmanuel
Passing through the university as a guy without being visited by the cooler ministry is almost impossible.
Girl friends in a bid to show love and affection for their lovers often package sumptuous meals in coolers and deliver them to their boyfriend’s house hence the invention of the “cooler ministry”. Freshers, mostly guys are being schooled by the senior guys to secure a minister in the cooler ministry so they can survive the buying “Item 7” or constant cooking option.
Sometimes, one is tempted to ask the place of love in all of this, because it seems like grabbing an opportunity that’s in  favor of the condition at hand regardless of whether love is even in the equation. Some ladies are heart broken when they realize they have been played and others are just indifferent but the guys will maintain their cover as long as they get their usual cooler for the day or week as the case may be.
The cooler ministry is most popular among male association or society executives on campus. They may sometimes understand a lady has a crush on them and they keep accepting the sumptuous meal she brings in the cooler disregarding the fact that they are not even attracted to the lady in anyway but for the cooler ministry.
Things will turn sour when the lady starts assuming she has found the guy of her dreams and begins marking out territory. Some courageous guys will come out openly and clear the air on their intentions or otherwise. In order not to loose the cooler ministry others will simply play along until they finally graduate and go separate ways usually with the phrase “I only saw you as my friend or sister oh”

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