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Gradually, the time of the year when we begin to be the recipe in someone’s life is approaching. The idea of what valentine means varies based on the individual involved, the month of February popularly known as the season of love is a time meant for bonding, at this point in time everyone is out to find love in whatever way they can obtain it. Some find it in the presence of someone else while for some it might be through material things, but in my opinion this is a time for a person to cherish what s/he has and I believe it should not be limited to a particular time, it is something that should be celebrated every time.

As an individual who is not emotionally involved/attached with anyone, this period seems like a long period of torture because definitely you would be surrounded with various people showing love to their soulmates and partners, during such times it feels intimidating, frustrating, and you begin to have doubts concerning yourself and start finding faults in what you do. At this period you begin to reflect on everything that surrounds you and questions start popping up such as; Am I being too harsh? Do I behave arrogantly? Am I unlovable? E.t.c. Amidst all these you should be confident of who you are, that doesn’t mean you should allow pride set in, being single is not something bad or wrong and it does not necessarily mean you are deformed in certain aspects of your life, all it just means is that the right person has not yet made contact with you and is in a stage of formation. Therefore, do not let worry weigh you down, just know that your time is coming soon.

For someone who is in a relationship, this period brings about two things, thoughts on what to get your partner and also an evaluation on how your relationship has been so far. You are left with reflecting on what can be and what could have been. Focusing on how to get the best gift for your soulmate, you should note that it must be something that reflects your feelings and shows the person how much you really appreciate the other party. Choosing the best gift requires you to reflect on the personality of the person you want to buy the gift for, it has to be something the person would appreciate and also something that conveys your feelings perfectly.

Generally it all comes down to finding your missing piece, it can be found either in someone else or within yourself, all that matters is that we all have a missing piece that we need to fit into our lifes, this can be described as something that makes you feel complete, it serves as your driving force. Either you are single or in a relationship, you have the right to do whatever makes you happy, cherish what you have so as not to be full of regret later on in life. My advice is that you enjoy life everyday not minding your status, learn to appreciate yourself and people around you, by so doing you will definitely find your missing piece.

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