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Contributed by Obilowo Bolaji


Sleeping late has become a norm these days among people. It looks insignificant that most people do not have exact time to go to bed thus engaging in different activities at night when they should be on bed. This act which contribute adversely to the functioning of our body system is continuing to gain momentum everyday. Experts have concluded that for proper functioning of our body, human needs a sleep of (7-9hours) in a day and this article has compiled a list of damage that sleeping late will cause to our body system.


  1. High blood pressure :- Not getting enough sleep stress body and mind that it contribute to increase blood pressure which may later affect the heart, arteries, kidney and as well instigate other health problems like visual problem, stroke e.t.c.


  1. Poor function of immune system :- Immune system are powered by intake of some vaccines which provide antibiotics to strengthen it.

Not getting enough sleep slower processing of these antibiotics and result to high pressure on the immune system. Weakness in immune system will result to malfunctioning of the body system.


  1. Poor decisions :- When you do not sleep enough, it affects the brain as there is part of the brain that works for decision making. This will affect the brain and in turn prompt poor decision making.


  1. Lower GPA :- It was gathered that part of what affect students who get lower grades is inability to sleep for 7-9 hours. The brain need to rest to process and solidify what a student might have read

Mounting pressure on the brain by not getting enough rest will only result to memory loss.


  1. Weight gain :- Research reveal that people who do not get enough sleep are prone to gain weight because the it affect the hormone that work for appetite (grheline) which can later results to overeating.


  1. Depression :- A factor that contribute depression is deprivation of sleep. It was gathered that people who suffered from insomnia are prone to be depressed.



  1. Fertility issues :- Even though there’s no affirmative claim about this but it has been gathered that deprivation of sleep can affect the circadian rhythm which can in turn affect the reproductive system and leads to inability to sustain pregnancy.



  1. Poor reaction time :- When you do not sleep well, it affects the brain when processing information. You will take longer time to process information, there will be reduction in time of getting works done.



  1. Risk of accident :- Not getting enough sleep is as bad as being drunk. This may lead to loss of control while driving and result to accident.



  1. High risk of death :- People who sleep less than five hours in a day are prone to die naturally from any cause. So sleeping late can increase chances of dieing early.



  1. Impaired creativity :- When sleeping, brain recognizes information and helps to create new ideas. Not getting enough sleep will affect ones level of creativity.



  1. Tired partner :- As deprivation of sleep continues to affect you, it also affects your partner when you go to bed late and cause him/her to wake up from rude disturbance either by jumping on bed or making noise while walking to bedroom. If that continues, it may expose the partner also to these mentioned side effects.


You can see how getting enough sleep of 7-9 hours in a day can help to refresh body system and prepare your mind and brain for daily activities. Go to bed and wake up without the use of alarm to check if you are sleeping well. This may not be possible every time and that is why it is advisable to go on a vacation sometimes to give your body a befitting rest.

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