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By Gbenga Akindele

The Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown have brought a lot of love back to the world, families, nations and communities. Everyone has now turned to their respective brothers keepers. Everyone now believe in each other and look after their welfare in a way or the other. Calls and greetings that usually land during festivities are now popular at this time.

The absentee dads and mums now sit at home with their children. the children who go to school and elsewhere also stay in the houses with their children now. all thanks to the mighty Coronavirus, rather the Almighty God.

Women that complain that the money provided for food by their husbands are small now realise that it was over sufficient. Husbands that say their wives food was not good enough now suddenly realise that the food is the best for them.

The love stories all over is now real as the common enemy is the Coronavirus. washing of hands with soap is now easy as family members help one another with soap and water every two hours. Everyone now stay in their houses and they do not visit anyone and they detest b=visitors now too.

Do we then wish the pandemic continues so this new found love will continue? I hear everyone saying NO. That’s good but we should realise that the love should go beyond the Coronavirus time. I hope we understand and agree.

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