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By: Mubaarak Olayemi Ismail and Gbenga Akindele


“Going to school is the way to success” is a popular old belief. The story is not the same again. Schools now kill some psychological developments of the child. But the basic reason why people won’t agree that these conventional schools are killing children’s psychological developments is that they think that the school design is an outcome of scientific researches of how a child can learn best Unknowing to them, that is the most untruthful fact about school.

Schools have turned to prisons where we lock children from morning till evening. They are then forced to stay in this type of place that has been scientifically proven to have damaged the psychological developments of many. School is now more interested in teaching pupils to pass exam rather than teaching them to know and these competition has been affecting the child’s psychological developments.

The deterioration of social, moral and religious values in children can be traced to the peer factors they encounter in school. Problems of peer pressure and child bullying can not be underated too.

Anyone reading this piece may think the writer is trying to condemn conventional schooling but No! The writer is trying to tell you that conventional school is good but not the best. Also to let you know what is better than conventional schooling.

What is this best option? Homeschooling! Yes, homeschooling.

Homeschooling is teaching children at home instead of sending them to conventional schools. Homeschooling will save your child from the competition of promoting to the next class. Your child will stop learning to pass the school test but learn to have the knowledge which is the main objective of education.

Homeschooling makes the lesson schedule flexible. The child has enough time to play, sleep and concentrate more on learning. It will also help the parents to preserve the social, moral and religious values of the child till he is old enough to know how to hold tight to correct values when he mixes with people.

When parents get their children home schooled, they teach like a parent who love and want the best for there children and not like a teacher who teaches to earn a salary.

How will the children know how to socialize? How will they have certificates? How? How?

These are the questions we know you will love to ask, isn’t it?

The answer: Pick up a Homeschooling book at the bookstore and find out more interesting things about Homeschooling.

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