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By Gbenga Akindele

The duo of late Abba Kyari and Gani Fawehinmi have come and gone. They came, thesaw and they conquered. Late Abba Kyari was chief of staff to Nigeria’s president, Mohammadu Buhari until his death. A lot of hullabalo surrounded his time as chief of staff to the president. Many believe he was the president in reality while Buhari watched as events unfolded. That’s not our business here. We love and like minding our business.

Late chief Gani Fawehinmi was a big-time human right activist. He was a passionate human right fighter. He fought several rulers in Nigeria on human right issues. He was imprisoned severally for his stand on government failure to honour the human right of some Nigerians at one time or the other. Gani was known to take up cases for free for the oppressed. What a fighter of a man! That’s good but that’s not our concern now.

The duo been highlighted here are not in the same line in terms of governmental disposition during their lifetime. Kyari was a government man. He was in government most part of his life. Fawehinmi was not in government at any time. Though he contested for president under the National Conscience Party (NCP). Fawehinmi lost like twice. Most of Fawehinmi’s life was in private practice of law. Most of Kyari’s life was in the public service of Nigeria. Both of them died in active service due to complications from different diseases. That’s not our business still!

What then is our business here? Our business is the philanthropy of both heavyweights. Philanthropy that was not known to Nigerians in their lifetime. A hidden philanthropy. After Gani Fawehinmi died, some people came around that they have been on his pay roll. They are not his staff but they are less privileged. As a lover of the downtrodden, Fawehinmi paid them monthly for them to keep body and soul together.

Somebody came forward after Abba Kyari’s demise to tell us about his philanthropy. A philanthropy that see him giving 1000 people that are less privileged on his private personal payroll. Many see the government side of this man but do not see his philanthropy. They say all sort about him but do not know his secret: philanthropy!

Being rich and wealthy is good but what do we do with our riches or wealth? Philanthropy is a phenomenon where a wealthy or rich individual or group of individuals give part of their wealth to the less privileged in the society? Late Abba Kyari and Gani Fawehinmi were great in their life and death. What then is the secret of their greatness? Why did the masses love Gani? Why did Buhari love and trust Abba Kyari? I want to pin the reason to their philanthropy. These duo like biblical Solomon that sacrificed 1000 burnt offering and then that night the LORD Jehovah appeared to him to ask whatever he wanted. It seemed to me that nature and God love sacrificial giving.

ACTION POINT: the newkokoro.com is encouraging well meaning and well to do people to tap into philanthropy. How: We will find and invite less privileged persons in some localities to indicate interest in benefiting from philanthropy and you as a philanthropist will send money and resources to us to cater for their needs.  We can start with whatever is received whether big or small.  No amount will be considered small but the minimum will be 1000 naira that’s about 2 dollars. Contact us at neugbenga@yahoo.com and send directly to David Olugbenga at GTBank account number 0115244462 for us to kick start the process.

Reports and pictures of deliveries to beneficiaries will be made public and or presented to our donors.

Let’s make it happen together. Are you willing to be a philanthropist? YES YOU CAN.

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