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By Gbenga Akindele

‘#Pray for Kano’ is trending on twitter today.

I saw the “Pray for Nigeria” version on a foreign pharmaceutical company car some years ago. I laughed because I knew Nigeria needed more than prayer.

I like the fact that we need to pray for Kano after the city experienced the death of over 5 scores of its citizens. Its so sad. O Almighty God, heal Kano.

As we pray for Kano, can we please plan for Kano too? As Nigeria is a praying nation, can e transfer some of that praying energy into planning and brainstorming energy? Can we plan proper lockdown with amenities to support it instead of prayers alone? Can we plan to properly close our international borders and interstate borders too? Will prayers close the borders? Will prayer do the social distancing for us? Will prayer wash our hands for us?

Am talking about the whole places where we want prayer for taking poisoned drink. Am talking about a person who said he needs prayer and deliberately threw himself into the lion’s space in the zoo. Am talking about a person who said he needs prayer and deliberately continue shaking everyone during COVID-19 despite public enlightenment not to do so. What wonderful prayer.

Its time to plan and pray and not pray alone. This applies to all states in Nigeria and not Kano alone. Let’s plan and plan and plan and work, and work and work and work out our plans.

This is the time to pray, plan and work. God will heal our land. Amen.

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