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Majority of people are used to using one method among the several ways in which we can power our cars to power their cars. I must say, these alternative means of powering a car is quite strange and amazing. With the rate at which the world is going, the advancement in technology, we need to see beyond our regular means of powering cars. The several other ways you can power a car includes; solar, biofuels, electricity, propane, steam and so on.

Solar is mostly used by solar cars and these solar cars are electric cars that make use of solar energy which is energy from the sun and this energy from the sun is then converted to electricity, this electricity is then used to recharge the battery. The most amazing thing about these solar cars is that they are able to store solar energy and because of this they can run at night or in the absence of sunlight.

Electricity: this is possible with electric cars. To power electric cars, you will need to plug it into a charging point and take electricity from the grid. The electricity taken is then stored in the rechargeable batteries that power an electric motor, which turns the wheels. If you want to charge an electric vehicle, you can plug it into a public charging station or into a home charging station. The use of electric cars is common abroad.

Biofuels can be made using various means but the method generally adopted is fermentation, chemical reactions and heat to break down the sugars, starches and other molecules in plants. The products gotten from the whole process are the refined to manufacture a fuel that cars will be able to use. Common types of biofuels include; biodiesel, biogas from organic by products and ethanol.

Propane: majority of people don’t know that propane is the most used as an alternative fuel in the nation. Propane is also known as liquefied petroleum gas or autogas. Advantages of using propane is that it reduces maintenance expenses, tax incentives and so on. Propane also has it’s disadvantages which are; using propane may require you to make more frequent refuels, a propane tank is heavy and consumes a lot of space and so on.


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