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Attending an event or party as guests can be overwhelming. In fact, there aren’t many people who enjoy it. Some do though! Making attendance of events a game makes it a lot easier. Just take it easy.


  • Research the nature of, reason for attending the event.
  • Know something about the people attending. Your girlfriend, friend, boss, any VIP’s?
  • Someone you’ve met before who wasn’t a nice person? Find out you can do about the host and attendees, the companies or organization they represent, and any significant accomplishments or projects that will be good to know about and make conversations easier.
  • Have a clearly defined purpose or goal of attending
  • Select your attire, make sure it is the best for the kind of event you are attending
  • You represent the person whose guest you are, and others will associate you with that person.


As a guest you will be greeted and introduced politely. Extending your hand after the introduction, or after the host has extended his/hers and introduced himself and perhaps others, your warm smile and “pleased to meet you“, will make others comfortable in your presence or around you.

If someone fails to introduce you and it feels appropriate, you may introduce yourself. “Mr. Bayo, I’m Ayinla Barrister“. The person you are with may or may not say something more about you. The important thing is not to build any meaning into not being noticed beyond greeting.

It helps you to pretend you are at a networking event, ready to introduced yourself and make small talk. Actually, that is the opportunity such events give. You get to meet new people who will or may become string ties. You wish to contribute to the success of the event by being a good guest. Remain friendly and positive. You may also have some drinks in the boot of your car just in case things go wrong and you are not served!


  • Apply a one drink rule if you intend to drink alcohol, you don’t want to be tagged a drunkard.
  • If you are romantically involved with the person whose guest you are, be discreet with romantic gestures.
  • When leaving the party or event, courteous and kind word of thanks are called for, but follow up thank you should be made by the main guest.

Attending a party or event as guest can be a little uncomfortable. These guidelines or preparation helps from the person with whom you are attending his/her event, and the acknowledgement that you are appreciated for being so supportive will make the occasion pleasurable.

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