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I want to inform you about one of the native cures for diabetes. This cure has been tested and proven to be true and sure. Its simple. It is not expensive. Old and young can do it. Rich and poor can do it. The educated and illiterate can do it. The black and white can use it. The fat and slim can be cured with its use. It controls and cures diabetes in the tall and short. It works for the tenant and the landlord. I know you are eager to know what it is. Cool down I will tell you now.


Don’t be afraid of diabetes. This natural remedy will make diabetes to be afraid of you. Results of individuals who have used this remedy with proven and real changes are many at our disposal. “It is a do it yourself thing”. The natural cure for diabetes is the water of boiled pawpaw leaves. Pawpaw is called Carica papaya by scientists. Yorubas call it “ibepe”. Drop what it is called in your local language in the comment section below.


How will the pawpaw cure be prepared?


  1. Cut some (about four) fresh and large pawpaw leaves from the pawpaw tree.
  2. Place it in a clean pot with drinkable water (about two litres).
  3. The leaves can be torn or cut in shred with knife or hands.
  4. Cover the pot and heat the content with gas, wood, electric stove, kerosene stove or other heating source.
  5. Allow to boil for ten minutes and then cool.
  6. Drain the water into a clean cup and drink a cup in the morning, afternoon and night.
  7. The remainder can be stored in clean container for use for 3 days
  8. Another can be prepared by day 4.
  9. Do your blood sugar test after 7 days of faithful use.
  10. Repeat the test after 14 days and compare the results with how it was before the natural remedy.
  11. This can be combined with your medical doctor’s prescription.
  12. It can also be taken alone.
  13. The dosage can be reduced when you blood sugar reduces.


When you see the changes, drop your comments below.


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