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A lot of tips and ways for managing diabetes exists. Today we will look at a number of things that will help a diabetic patient to manage it effectively.

Help number one

Know that you have diabetes.

Know what diabetes is and what it can do to your body. Read and gather as much information about diabetes. You can ask your doctor about all you need to know about diabetes. Check online too and clarify with health care professionals.

Help number two


Insomnia does not help diabetics instead it increases their blood sugar. An antidote to insomnia may be some strenuous exercise. Sleep helps to calm all the nerves that have been overworking and even the diabetic controls need to sleep! (rest or rejuvenate) to come back and work better. The importance of sleep cannot be overemphasized in managing any disease or infection.

Help number three

Know your fasting blood sugar levels.

The knowledge of your own blood sugar compared with the standard blood sugar will help you to be able to manage your diabetes. This will help you to know when your blood sugar is high or low.

Help number four

Know the type of food to eat and the ones to avoid. Food that are sugar rich should be minimized as they actually can not be totally avoided. Carbohydrates and sugary foods need to be watched and also studied in connection with their sugar content.

Help number five

Manage your stress.

Being stressed up makes the body cells to misbehave too. Stress is a minus for managing diabetes. Try to delegate any stressful situation. Yes, stress can be delegated! Delegate whatever makes you stressed up. Don’t assume to know it all or do it all.

Help number six

The next help is to exercise.

Wake up in the morning and walk for 30 minutes. Do same in the evening. Do that daily. That’s daily exercise. Swirl your hands as you move briskly. As a diabetic you need to exercise to burn some calories. People who are over wight seem to be more prone to diabetes. Make sure you do some aerobics whether indoors or outdoors. It is very, very, very important.

Help number seven

Be financially buoyant.

Managing diabetes can be expensive. Hence, you need to have money for a number of things. You need money for laboratory tests, money for drugs, money for specialized food as you can’t eat some foods and money for other things including transport for frequent hospital visits.

Help number eight

Standardise your blood sugar testing instrument.

Many people buy and have the blood sugar testing meter. But this need to be standardized after say 3 to 6 months of use. The reason is to ensure you are getting the best and accurate results. Inaccurate results will not help you as it can affect your doctors drug prescription and dosage.

Help number nine

Never think diabetes is the end of your life.

Many who have diabetes think it will end their lives or that they will soon die. Never think that way. Just believe that you will come out of it and you will. Never think negative and don’t be weighed down just because of ordinary diabetes. Be positive. Be resolute. Conquer diabetes.

These are some helps for managing your diabetes. Read them again and use them. I have another article on “Natural cure for diabetes using pawpaw leaves” (https://thenewkokoro.com/2020/06/17/natural-and-native-cure-for-diabetes/). Check it out now.



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