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China alone has about 1.3 billion people. India has 1.2 billion people. Pakistan has about 800 million people. Nigeria has about 200 million people. These four countries (very many other developing countries inclusive) seek opportunities in the advanced countries for free and better education. If you do the statistics, you will observe that the chances for Nigerians are slim because of the competition and technological know-how of others. Don’t let that discourage you. That should make you to brace up. You can get funding form your postgraduate studies in the advanced countries.

Hello everyone, how has been this past week? Happy day. The year is just 365 days. You can apply for and get an offer before the year finally ends. Don’t just close the year when it has not ended. You can yet achieve something substantial. Begin the success process today and now. I know of an establishment that started on the 31st day of December. It could not wait till the following year.

In the 2018 JAMB results, it was posted on a Nigerian social media site called nairaland.com that the guy who scored the highest is seeking admission in Nigeria while another chap who had high score too but not the highest has been offered scholarship opportunity abroad. How did he do it? The guy who got the scholarship had “connections” you would think and say as usual. But NO. That’s not totally correct. That’s not absolutely true.

The guy who got the scholarship abroad knew it existed and then applied for it. The admission, scholarships, opportunities will not just jump at you. You have to take one important step. That step is to APPLY. APPLY. APPLY. APPLY. APPLY. APPLY. APPLY. APPLY. APPLY. You must apply for the scholarships or opportunities that you seek or that is been advertised. If you are the best but you did not apply that means you are not interested. It’s only those who are interested that will be evaluated and given the offer of a place.

One major difference between those who win and those who don’t is that the people that win APPLY for the opportunities. Apply before the deadlines given. Winners apply for as many offers as possible. They apply every week. They respond to uncountable offers. The issue with some is that they apply to 2 or 3 and then keep waiting and then they get disappointed when the result of the first, second and third come out negative. The application process itself is a skill sharpening process. You are a “guguru” (amateur) when you are yet applying. The moment you get one offer you suddenly become a “guru” (expert). The difference between a guru and a guguru is the process of applying and perfecting the application until it gets the attention and interest of assessors to the point that you win an offer of a place.

The application process for scholarships, placement in foreign Universities, grants and fellowships are quite tedious so to say. You have to give it a lot of time and attention. Patience is also required in most application processes. Get what they ask or request for. Don’t assume it’s not needed. If you are not sure ask questions. The funding agencies will always respond to your questions without hesitation. They also are out to ensure the best hands get the offer and will be happy to respond to your questions. Don’t assume that you can’t win, please keep applying until you win. You will WIN!


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  1. BAKARE, Olugbenga Rasheed

    I am willing to study. However, I have no document such as international passport, visa copy and the likes. I cannot afford anything below 100 percent scholarship. What do I need to do to get funded? Thank you.

    • The New Kokoro

      Try to get the basic things first please. That keeps you ahead of others.

      • The New Kokoro

        Ok sir. But all here is in good order. Do you have specific issues?

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