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  1. Most funding for postgraduate research in advanced countries are not seen as scholarship. Most postgraduate research in advanced countries are funded by government or private companies that need the result of the research to better their lot.
  2. Most funding for postgraduate research in advanced countries are seen as normal and not “scholarship”. If you check for scholarship online you will miss about 95% of available funding.
  3. A simple way to get funding is to apply normally for the postgraduate programme in advanced countries.
  4. The application process may be tedious for some. The tedious nature itself is a screen out for unserious applicants and candidates that can’t endure.
  5. About 75% of applicants give up at the application stage.
  6. The application process may involve you write some exams like TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, etc. All these are part of the process and should be taken seriously. About 80% of applicants give up here. These examinations are another screen to know serious people.
  7. You will need to write a good research proposal. The research proposal will usually address a particular research problem in your field.
  8. To write a good proposal that will get the attention of potential supervisors, you need to research the profile of the supervisors and see what it is that they are working on. Your research proposal must be tailored along the line of what potential supervisors are doing.
  9. You may be asked to write personal statement, etc. Check for sample documents online. Check some and adapt any good one to yourself. Don’t just write what you think. Check online for good samples to modify.
  10. Check online for meaning of any aspect that is not clear to you in the application process.
  11. Cultivate the friendship and have the contacts of your potential referees. Let them know what you are doing. Communicate them monthly or so. Have about 5 referees ready and you can send them recharge cards once in a while so they can attend to your referees’ request on time. Remember, they need to type, scan and send the reference to you.
  12. Some universities abroad will ask for an application fee of 50 to 200 USD. This again is part of the screening process and can be waived if requested for.
  13. After all these processes you will need to wait to be notified.
  14. The letter of admission or notification will usually state the conditions of the programme of study. It will state if you will be funded or not. If you are not clear you can write to ask questions about the offer.
  15. If the offer does not come with funding you can request for funding at this stage.
  16. When you eventually get funded and need to get accommodation abroad, avoid seeking accommodation online. Some associations on campus will be waiting to receive you usually or even the office of international students can help you. Stay with someone for 2 to 3 days to scout the best accommodation available before you take it. Do not sign accommodation contract in a hurry as it may cost you a lot.
  17. You will need to apply to many schools because of competition for space. Remember, you are not the only one applying for limited spaces.
  18. This is the simple open secret. It’s simple but someone who followed it got multiple PhD offers in the US in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Another student got a space somewhere else in a USA University to do masters 2 years ago and will proceed to PhD after the masters in the same USA.

See other posts on scholarships on this blog for more details.

Take the steps… NOW.

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