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By EMOGABOR Ejiroghene Faith

What spinsters find attractive in men



You know, there’s always something that’ll distract you, and there’s always someone that you’ll be attracted to, So ladies, you’re not alone. We’re all in it!

Let’s face the fact that women are attracted to men as men are attracted to women.

But the question is, What do ladies find attractive in men? Or rather, what are the qualities you find most attractive in men?

That guy you’re eyeing, what do you like about him? Hmmm…

Well, some ladies would say a man has to be tall, sexy, handsome, strong and so on, but these are all under the physical appearances.

There are so many other qualities that women find attractive in a man.

But first I’ll talk about the physical appearances…

Number one is the height,

We girls are so used to saying, ‘ I want a TALL man that is dark and handsome’ lol.

Also, women seem to find men with deeper voices more attractive. Women also like men with athletic bodies, we just can’t concentrate when we see those abs meeehhn.

The second one is Approachability..

What do you girls think? Although women are attracted to good looking men when it comes to a short term fling, but women look to more approachable men for a serious or meaningful relationship. Yunno, some of us are tired of casual relationships, we wanna secure the ring meehhn!

And lastly, Personality.

Every girl wants a guy with a nice personality, so we can say personality counts. Funny men are sexier than the gentle ones. So guys, a good sense of humour is helpful in getting a lady drawn to you. You gats to make us laugh

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