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This is a big question on every lip.

Nigerians in diaspora and well thinking ones at home are bothered for Nigeria.

Is Nigeria and her people bothered for themselves?

Foreigners know we can do it and are surprised why we are not doing it.

For many years, many countries the world over have devoted 26% of their income or budget to education per year and some are increasing it.

But Nigeria is far from 26%.

Some countries survive based only on their human capital that have been well developed.

Just 26% for human capital development at the highest points.

So, what is Nigeria budget for informal education if formal education is suffering in the hands of Nigerians?

University lecturers are weeping for more funds to do what they know how to do best.

But again Nigeria wont respond!

What is wrong Nigeria?

Nigeria told me she responded ooo! Ehhhnnn!

So what happened?

Lets check here and there.

Our young ones are interrupted frequently in their legitimate yearnings for higher education.

Yes the interruption was caued by COVID-19.

But not just COVID-19 it was also caused by university workers weeping and strikes.

Yet Nigeria keep denying and says all is well.

But the workers said all is not well!

I need to talk to Nigeria about all these.

Wait ooooo!!!

Who are these university workers sef?

Are they for Nigeria?

Are they Nigerians?

I hear yes as answer.

Do they know how things are done in Asian Universities?

Have these Nigerian University workers been to London, USA, France, Italy, South Africa, Uganda, Morocco?

Do they know how Universities operate in those places for comparison?

Yes is the answer I got.

I was also informed that Nigerian University workers are the least paid University staff in the world!

I will find out…


I must talk to Nigeria to improve things.

I will try all I can to see Nigeria on these.

If it takes sleeping in the corridors of Nigeria for a long time to see Nigeria I will do it.

Nigeria, arise and shine.

Nigeria hear the clarion call.

Nigeria we must see together for brainstorming.

i know if Nigeria knows Nigeria will do better.

I trust Nigeria.

I love Nigeria.

I like Nigeria.

(All the I’s herein means YOU)

The giant of Africa.

Nigeria can do the right.

Nigeria will do the right.

Nigeria will take action for good of all.

Be calm. Be calm. Be calm

Nigeria, o my wonderful Nigeria.


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