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Messi said he will be staying in Barcelona this season as his family are not happy with his decision to leave. He said his son, Thiago wept and asked him not to leave the club. He said he felt emotional and more than anything else he decided to stay for his family.

Thirty-three (33) year old Messi confirmed that he would play for Barcelona still in the evening of Friday. Messi had submitted his transfer documents about 10 days earlier. The Argentine star wanted to leave because he was not happy with the way the club owners were handling certain matters.

The goal scoring and dribbling star was initially considering moving to Manchester City. Messi’s market value is 112 million Euros. His contract will expire on the 30th of June, 2021. Messi is a right winger who can also play centre-forward and is a second striker.

Prophet T. B. Joshua of Nigeria had earlier warned that it was not good for Messi to leave Barcelona in bitterness. He now wants to stay and leave Barca later without any mess.

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