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Why do our parents worry so much?

We may never understand why until we become parents and that’s factual.

Let me start by saying it’s a parent’s responsibility to be concerned about their children.

You see, they just can’t help it you know.

Parenting is a tedious and emotionally draining job because of the inherent partition.

Our parents worry about a lot of things.

They’re worried about where we are at, who we are with, our friends, education, what we might be doing when they are not around and so on.

But all these concerns are only natural and it’s also funny how they never stop.

But come to think of it, is there any way or is there anything that could be done to make parents not to worry?

Well, there could be in some cases but you know, these people don’t stop worrying!

Parents concerns for their children is not them being deliberately nagging, wicked, annoying, strict or overprotective.

But it is fear of anxiety, love and affection.

We need to know that, no matter what happens, wherever we go and whatever we become, we will always be babies to our parents.

By Emogabor Ejiroghene Faith

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