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It’s been many months that the President Muhammadu Buhari government has placed bans on the importation of food items across Nigerian borders. This has drastically caused some changes in the lives of many Nigerians. They find it hard to believe the decision of the President. The ban has its advantages and disadvantages.

Some of its advantages are that it has boosted the economy of Nigeria as the local farmers now sell their food items to Nigerians. Thereby, making them gain from their harvest. This was not the case before the ban. Nigerians preferred imported foods to their own locally made food. Now they are forced to see the good in their own locally produced food items.

On the disadvantages, our farmers now extort their fellow country men and women because they know people no longer have a choice but to buy what is presented to them. Another disadvantage is the reduction it has caused in the level of foods in the country.

The reduced amount of foods now is so outrageous that you can barely buy food and eat it to your satisfaction. The quantity of food bought is so alarming and this is becoming worse on the Nigerian masses considering the recent stress in the country and the world due to COVID-19. A family that has minimum amount to spend will be made to go out of budget in order to buy a meal that will satisfy them. This reduction is actually causing a huge problem on the economic life of many families in Nigeria. This brings the masses to option of eating food based on quantity not of the quality.

A family will actually prefer to buy from where the food is much not minding the refinement, processes involved, the environment and all. This has caused the masses to be malnourished. Lack of proper diet and nutrient in the people may or will cause them to be sick and this would make them not to be able to concentrate on productive activities.

Some development were recently made known to the public as the Central Bank of Nigeria now issue some new percent on Value Added Tax (VAT) increasing it from 5% to 7.5%. This decision is also is affecting the students because prices of different foods have increased and the quantity of food sold has not favoured the buyers.

This increase in VAT came after the closure of borders across Nigeria. This also add to the struggle of the masses in which they are left to battle with it. Even though the closure of borders across Nigeria has its many benefits, the harm it is doing to the common man is more than the good it has done to them. Majority are suffering from the decisions made by the nations leaders.

Sent in by Azeez Semiat Oyeyemi

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