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According to the World Health Organization [WHO], breast cancer growth accounts for 10.4% of diseases among women. This makes it the second most regular kind of non-skin disease (after cellular breakdown in the lungs) and the fifth most normal causes of death in the world. In 2004, breast cancer growth caused 519,000 deaths globally. Breast cancer growth alludes to tumors starting from breast tissue, most normally from the inward coating of milk conduits or the glands that produces milk.


The myth of breast sucking helping to prevent breast cancer has gone a long way in confusing the public. A British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] report had it that breast sucking prevents breast cancer in women. But this report has not been scientifically proven. Unfortunately, so many women and young ladies has accepted and strongly believed the myth. As a result, such wrong medical belief has enslaved so many ladies to submit their breasts willingly to some men who are eager and anxious to take advantage of them to suck it all in the name of breast cancer prevention. It is high time women and ladies in our society knew the truth and be free from the shackles of myth and traps of men.


Breast cancer cells are shaped from typical cells because of an alteration/change of DNA and/or RNA. These alterations/changes can happen precipitously or they might be incited by different factors. For example, atomic radiation, electromagnetic radiation (microwaves, X-beams/rays, Gamma-beams/rays, Bright beams, etcetera), infections, microorganisms and organisms, parasites (because of tissue aggravation/bothering, heat, synthetics noticeable all around, water and food, mechanical cell-level injury, free revolutionaries, evolution and maturing of DNA and RNA, and so on. All these can cause transformations that may lead to breast cancer. Breast cancer growth can be called subsequently “Entropic Sickness” since it is related with the expansion of entropy of the living being to where the creature can’t right this itself. Therefore, immediate attention is needed to permit the living being to re-visitation of a stable entropic state

Can breast sucking help to prevent or cure cancer?

In an interview with premium times newspaper, Ms Onyedinma, who works at a Lagos-based hospital, Samaria Hospital, said: “There is not any scientifically proven that breast sucking, fondling and squeezing helps cure or prevent cancer.


“Breast sucking, squeezing and fondling is typically done during sexual activity and should provide some sexual excitement for the couple.”


Also as reported in premium times newspaper, Nketim, a Consultant Oncologist with the University College Hospital [UCH], Ibadan, said there was no scientific evidence that sucking, squeezing or fondling breasts could prevent lumps or cancer.


Husbands literally discovered lumps in their wives’ breasts and not the wives themselves. This lends support to husbands fondling the breasts to assist their wives detect early any lump which may develop. But no scientific evidence exists to mention that fondling can actually prevent cancer. From the above, it is important to state categorically that breast sucking may not help to prevent or cure breast cancer but enhances pleasure during sexual intercourse.


Breastfeeding is different from breast sucking.  While Breastfeeding is for babies, breast sucking is for men.

Empirical Research have it that breastfeeding, coupled with proper diet and regular exercise can potentially ameliorate adverse late effects of cancer treatment”

Not only that, a study by Yale University researchers showed that women who breastfed for two years or longer reduced their risk of breast cancer by 50 percent.


From the aforementioned, it is pretty obvious that there are no scientifically proven studies indicating that breast sucking is of any medical benefit to women or young ladies.


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