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Yours sincerely was discussing with a teacher today and the person said that University lecturers strike is usually not as strong as the strike embarked upon by non-academic staff members of universities (NASU and SSANU in this case). The person said when ASUU is on strike school still runs while the strike by SSANU and NASU is usually militant and paralyses the university.

The person also said the non-academic unions will lock the gate of the universities and even important offices during their strikes but ASUU don’t lock gates physically (do they do it spiritually?). The non-academic unions strikers used to even beat up anyone who tries to break their strike or do anything sinister against it, But ASUU strike is peaceful.

The person also says ASUU goes on strike on empty stomach but the other unions are “wiser” and ensure they get their pay before the strike. The person also says the masses shout “ASUU oooo” when ASUU goes on strike but when the other unions go on strike no one talks about it! Someone said lectures can still go on when non-teaching staff alone go on strike but when ASUU goes on strike lectures can’t go on (sic!).

Another close pal of mine also said the non-teaching staff members drive better cars and dress better than ASUU members. Another person said lecturers take home is small because they spend personal funds to attend conferences and publish papers but non-teaching staff don’t do such things.

Hose all these imply that ASUU strike des not move anyone? Can lectures hold without lecturers? What can students do without lecturers? Anyway, I don’t know much.

Napoleon Hill wrote in his book that “when the pupil is ready the teacher will appear”

The close pals went on and on to talk about strikes and the unions. We at thenewkokoro.com agree with some and disagree with some of the expressed views.

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