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Hello, welcome.

This topic is not literally about drums. Its not about Igbo drums, Hausa drums, Yoruba drums, Okun drums, Tapa drums, Awori drums, Akwa Ibom drums, Calabar drums or even Eyo festival drums.

The drums am referring to is the voices people are hearing and the interpretation they are giving it. What drum is government hearing that makes it rule the way it does? What drums are the lead hearing that make them act the way they do? What kind of drums do our security men hear from day to day? Let us find out to know what to do. Everyone hears a sound that propels them in a direction.

The drums of war will leave no one any good. It would bring sorrow, tears and blood. Let’s run away from that drum beat.

What drum beats do Americans listen to? That drum that makes them create employment for all! That drum that makes those who are poor to be given welfare. That drum that makes their society to be an equal opportunity one! We need to get that drum for our leaders in Nigeria. Our leaders are trying just that they need to hear that kind of drums that bring real and solid development.

I am going out to get the drum. It will be great if you and you and you and you can join me in the search to make it faster.

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