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The reinstatement of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos came as a relief to academics and non academics and the town who believe in due process. The committee set up by the Federal Government to find out facts about the incident observed that due process was not followed. The discovery can be interpreted in Yoruba to mean that ‘won fe fi owo ola gba Prof Ogundipe loju’. Prof Ogundipe needs to thank his God and all who stood by him! All who stood to condemn the act.

What lessons can we learn from the sack and reinstatement:

  1. Every individual has a senior or superior. As a boss, if you overstep your bounds in dealing with your subordinates, remember that someone will ask you. Someone can review the discipline and deal with you. that reminds me of a story by someone who worked in a company somewhere. Staff resumes by 8 am and close by 5 pm. The boss in the Department however, will start marketing her bread when she resumes. She will settle down for work by 10 am. One day she reported one of her staff to management that he lives the office too early by 5 pm when they are still working. The staff told the management that he follows company rules on resumption and closing but that the boss sells bread when she resumes and settles to start work by 10 am. The subordinate was excused and the management panel faced the boss to find out about the bread sales in the company. Leaders and rulers should be careful!
  2. Any case can be reviewed. Since any case can be reviewed the onus lies on all leaders to ensure that they act in such a manner that no matter who reviews the case they will be found to have done what the higher leader would have done.
  3. Subordinates also have people. That someone is a subordinate to you does not imply he or she does not have supporters and followers and well wishers. What played out at Unilag is a clear example of that. Lets be careful!
  4. Any relationship can be strained. This is another big lesson. Any relationship can really be strained and get bad. Its vital to guard our relationship with people. After building a relationship, strive to maintain it. Try to imagine a VC and a Pro- Chancellor at loggerheads. Over what? the relationship between them must have been smooth before something started. Oil and gel your relationships.
  5. Everyone should know his or her boundaries. A leader has boundaries and he or she must know that and adhere strictly to those boundaries. In the case being looked at one or two persons overstepped their boundaries and they paid for it. A leader is not flawless. a leader is human and can err.
  6. A leader should avoid taking unilateral decisions. As decisions need to be taken, a leader should delegate and allow others to have their input before taken any final decision. In this case, the sack of the reinstated VC seem to be without that.
  7. Share your vision and make your intentions known to people. As the Pro-Chancellor exited himself, he stated some laudable plans he had for Unilag, his alma mater. he should have informed of that before the whole problem erupted.
  8. Make peace, win friends. We need ourselves. No one is useless. Anywhere you are, try to make peace as much as you can. Even when someone offends you, make peace. Even as the matter is currently, enemies can still make peace and they should.
  9. Don’t under rate anyone. Stakeholders in our systems should be allowed to play their stake holding roles. By so doing the system will be better for it.
  10. In summary. Avoid fight with whoever. Go in peace.

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