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As much as necessity is the father or mother of invention, curiosity is the mother of all inventions. When is the future? The future, is now! We all are in some way curious. Want to know what’s hot and what’s not? One must admit this seems like crazy hot cake.

Some new technologies are robot vacuum cleaners, clocky robotic alarm, wireless lead light bulbs, a hub that accommodates several ports at once, USB-C to USB-A adapters, car charging for charging in motion, wireless bluetooth, protective sleeves for laptops, card reader that speeds up photo transfer time and many more.

A most interesting and potentially revolutionary technological innovation ever been developed or currently being researched. The new flexible Organic LCD (OLCD), Current trends seem to indicate a greater demand for more control over the way we are entertained in the home from tech. One area that you definitely should look out for is something called flexible viewing surfaces.

So these promise to be able to curve around any environment will change home entertainment and advertising beyond all recognition. More and more of our lives are becoming integrated with smart techs. Our homes being no exception. The need for improved smart home appliances and entertainment is rampant and understood in this global village of ours. Whether for better or worse,  fact is Systems are really changing the way we socialize.
Today is just merely the “Icing” on the cake. OLCD is now making a disruptive glass-free display technology available to all. It is manufactured on low cost plastic substrates and uses flexible, high performance organic transitions. (Don’t let the words confuse you. This just implies you can bend this beautiful brilliant colored display into whatever shape and enhance your viewing as well.).
Unlike flexible OLED display, OLCD has the following advantages;
It is 10 times lighter.
It is 4 times thinner.
And freeform (that is, wrapped around almost any surface! Yes, even a door knob).
This can be easily turned into different forms. Of course only from the producing company. Isn’t that amazing? You could basically have a whole room covered in this stuff and make your room into the cosmos!
Adetilewa Gideon writes from Ilorin.

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